Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rachel Maddow exposes one of Beck's lies about war veterans

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Last week on his premier radio program, Glenn Beck attacked a veteran's organization, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Rachel Maddow responded to Beck's assault on this honorable veteran's group.

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What is strange about this on Beck's part is his supposed homage that he pays to veterans. Not only is Beck lying about this honorable organization, but it's pretty hypocritical for Beck to launch an assault on a veteran's group without first verifying the information that Denise conveyed.

This is not unlike how Beck's followers accept what Beck claims without doing any real fact checking...even though Beck tells them to. Beck demonstrates his gullibility is much like his followers. Beck is a tool of Rupert Murdoch, and Beck's followers are tools of Beck or more accurately, tools for Beck. "Libertarian" Beck is frequently telling his sheep how to act, even (on his Fox show of 11/22) what to talk about while visiting relatives this Thanksgiving. By doing so, Beck figuratively steps on the Gadsen flag. 
Ironic, huh?
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