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Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie

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The following post is reprinted by permission of the author, Cenk Uygur. He is a commentator at The Young Turks, and "Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie" was originally published in The Huffington Post. This particular lie from Glenn Beck is, again, about George Soros.

Cenk Uygur

As much as I disagree with the hosts on Fox News, I have never called for any of them to be fired. I defended Don Imus when he got in trouble with his incendiary comments. That's because I believe a talk show host should have wide berth, even to offend. They are the conversation starters and at the heart of our political discourse.
Of course, as a talk show host I'm very biased on this issue, but I think it helps the national conversation to hear everyone out. That's even if what they're saying is outrageous or not even remotely true. Let there be a battlefield of ideas and I think the truth will win out in the long run (though it loses many battles in the short run).
Now that you know how strongly I feel about that -- I think Glenn Beck should be fired. He has told a lie so grotesque that it goes beyond the pale of even dirty politics. Just when I thought he couldn't shock my conscience anymore, he has done it. Let me explain. [Emphasis added]

George Soros
George Soros survived the Holocaust. He is Jewish and when the Nazis caught up with his family his father saved his life by bribing an agricultural official to pretend Soros was his Christian godson. At one point, that man took the fourteen year old Soros to survey and appraise the property that had been confiscated from another Jewish family. Obviously Soros did not have a choice in the matter. Soros eventually survived the Holocaust.

To most this would be an amazing and harrowing story of survival during the Holocaust. To Beck it was an opportunity to paint Soros as an anti-Semite and smear him with one of the worst lies I have ever heard.
First Beck started by horribly warping this story on his Fox News show. He said of Soros:
[When he was] 14 years old, he had to help the government confiscate the land of his fellow Jewish friends and neighbors.
That's not what happened at all as you can see from above. He didn't help confiscate people's land. He didn't actively participate in betraying his Jewish neighbors or friends. The implications are horrible. But what Beck did next is much worse. He twisted the story further until he came out with this inexcusable lie on his radio show:
[H]ere's a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.
That lie takes my breath away. That is a lie that cannot be told.
The ADL has now condemned Beck's statements as "horrific."
Michelle Goldberg has a terrific article in The Daily Beast explaining how Beck's two part series on Fox News Channel about George Soros was classic anti-Semitism. He even named the series "Puppet Master." Nazi propaganda used to call Jews the "wire pullers."
The Nazis would say in their propaganda pieces that Jews secretly controlled everything and brought down whatever governments they didn't like. Beck's two part series on Soros talked about how he was the secret force behind the progressive agenda and surreptitiously brought down governments he didn't like (Communist governments by the way, but apparently he doesn't get credit for that). And Beck concludes by saying that we might be next. Soros might destroy our country. This is anti-Semitism 101.
One man has already tried to assassinate people who worked for the Tides Foundation because Beck accused them of being tied to George Soros. That man was caught in a shoot-out with cops before he could kill the people who worked there. Beck undeterred by what he is spurring people to do, has put his foot on the gas pedeal to try to stoke the fires more.
Fox News has told and spread many lies, ranging from the absurd (President Obama is going to spend $200 million a day in his trip to India) to the politically devastating (they invited John Kerry's accusers on-air to smear his Vietnam service repeatedly during the 2004 election). I know that's what they do. But even I didn't know it went this far. If Beck doesn't get fired over this, what else can he say? I literally cannot think of anything more outrageous.
They call themselves a "News Channel." Is this the kind of "news" people want to participate in?
This is the kind of thing people should resign in protest over. This is the kind of thing that guests shouldn't go on the channel over. This is the kind of thing that people shouldn't want their names associated with.
If Fox doesn't fire Beck over this, well then you know exactly where they stand. It certainly isn't as a news channel. [Emphasis added]
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Update: The following clip offers more background information about what Soros was doing during the time and episode of his life that Beck addressed when he accused him of sending "Jews to the death camps."

Update, 4/17/2011: To read more details about the remainder of the lies that Beck told about George Soros, see "Exactly What Beck Lied About When Vilifying Soros."

Update, 6/09/2011: Another valuable perspective on Beck's attack on Soros during the Holocaust is offered by Matt Welsh on the libertarian magazine, Reason. See "Glenn Beck's Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14 Year Old's Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding."

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mark scotch said...

you have it twisted, Spooky Dude II.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Mark, no degree of reasoning gets through to those who believe and follow Glenn Beck. You're close minded to the facts including that Soros did not "help...send the Jews to the death camps."

Sooner or later Beck's lies are going to backfire on him. Sooner or later FoxPAC will pay too high of a cost to keep Beck around, and he'll be forced out. Beck poisons the FoxPAC brand, and some of them there know it.

Unknown said...

What can you say to this except slander? I guess it is time to slander as much as you can. You cannot win on the battlefield of ideas which is why everything is closed door. Glenn Beck atleast has the courage to announce his beliefs and his opinion and the funniest thing is. If the things he was saying were fabricated and completely untrue he could not make money. He could not be on television he could not be on radio. Lying gets you fired unless you deliberately say I am a Democrat or SOCIALIST which just so happens to be what is now being announced on TV by reporters to no surprise that is not a concern on this website. Lest America better forget what happens in socialist regimes. A good picture might be the starvation of 70 million+ chinese under Mao Zedong. Amazing no spelling error on Mao's name on this website@!

Unknown said...

get your facts straight Cenk Uygur.
First off The Huffington Post is tied to George Soros. Just one of his MANY media influences and media outlets he started or financially backed.

This is what Beck said exactly:

"They changed the name from Schwartz to Soros. And then George Soros's father asked a Christian in Hungary to adopt his son or make him his Godson. And George Soros used to go around with this anti-semite and deliver papers to the Jews and confiscate their property and then ship them off. And George Soros was part of it. He would help confiscate the stuff. It was frightening. Here's a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps. And I am certainly not saying that George Soros enjoyed that, even had a choice. I mean, he's 14 years old. He was surviving. So I'm not making a judgment. That's between him and God. As a 14-year-old boy, I don't know what you would do. I don't know what you would do. But you would think that there would be some remorse as an 80-year-old man or a 40-year-old man or a 20-year-old man, when it was all over, you would do some soul searching and say, "What did I do? What did I do?" George Soros is not a fan of the state of Israel. George Soros is -- many people would call him an anti-semite. I will not. I don't know enough about all of his positions on Jews. I know his mother, in George Soros's own words, his mother was an anti-semite. And so he just has this weird, weird world view. He's also an atheist. We told you last night he believes, in his own words, that he is some sort of a god. Have we played the audio do we have the audio where he says God is benevolent, I am benevolent. God is all seeing, I can see."

You quoted Beck as saying:

[When he was] 14 years old, he had to help the government confiscate the land of his fellow Jewish friends and neighbors.


Beck said this:

" And George Soros used to go around with this anti-semite and deliver papers to the Jews and confiscate their property and then ship them off. And George Soros was part of it. He would help confiscate the stuff."

By "ship them off",I understand it to mean that the "Jewish" land owners were in FACT sent to concentration camps. NOT by SOROS himself...but the Nazis. This DID happen. That is NOT a lie.
All Beck says is that Soros was part of that situation. He is NOT saying that Soros had a choice in the matter. But Soros WAS a part of that happening.

You conveniently leave out the quotes from Beck that say he DOES NOT judge soros for his actions as a 14 year old.

" And I am certainly not saying that George Soros enjoyed that, even had a choice. I mean, he's 14 years old. He was surviving. So I'm not making a judgment."

Funny how you left that part out to suit your view of wanting to label Beck as an anti-Semite.

Beck also said and I quote:

"many people would call him an anti-Semite. I will not. I don't know enough about all of his positions on Jews."

Glenn Beck is ON RECORD as being a friend to Israel and a supporter of the Jews.
It just happens that Soros "was" a Jew at one time. Big deal. He is MORE worried about the dangers George Soros poses to the USA. He has done the homework to expose Soros and his HUNDREDS of media outlets and "social" groups to change the world into a "New World Order".

DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU kool aid drinker.

Paul Foster said...

I watched fox on the day the presidential security news broke. O'reilly said this (paraphrasing): A paper in India says that it will cost him $2M a day for security. I don't know anything about this paper or if it's accurate, but I don't care. They should spend whatever they need to spend to protect the president. that was the refrain all day.

Now I respect what you do and agree that fox is a problem, but when you sensationalize and lie it hurts us in our cause in that you are no better than you claim them to be.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

tdeshongtdeshong, what Beck says is not "fabricated and completely untrue." I is largely fabricated and largely untrue." On topic here, Soros did NOT help "...send the Jews to the death camps." That's a grotesque lie and you should take it up with Beck. That's the slander to which you refer, now quoting Beck here. FoxPAC doesn't care about lies and fictions. FoxPAC and Beck make their living telling lies and offering fictions about their opponents, so your assertion is laughable in the face of it.

I heard L. O'Donnell tell Glenn Greenwald that Lawrence is a "socialist." It surprised me too, but socialism is no more out of the mainstream in the U.S. than Libertarianism is. The former is radical and the latter -- like Beck -- is reactionary. O'Donnell is not a concern here because this is the Glenn Beck Review, not the Lawrence O'Donnell review.

There should be no spelling errors of anyone or anything on this blog because I use Google's Chrome which has a spell-check built into it.

You, like many of Beck's purposely misinformed sheeple, don't know the difference between democratic socialism and undemocratic Communism. You are a victim of Beck's sick and tragic yellow, deceitful propaganda.

You need to follow an HONEST Libertarian like Ron Paul or Moriarty. Beck has turned your mind into mud.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Jeffery, let me quote someone from Mediaite where I spend a lot of time:

fizeit says: "But alas, I have the feeling, that when lies are promoted, it doesn’t matter any more: only an opportunity to sound off out of hatred and appalling ignorance, and a desperate clinging to what folks would like to believe. What a wake up call to us all. Glenn Beck is a deliberate falsifier: his entire rant about Soros and his remarkable philanthropic activities in helping FORMER Communist countries to emerge into democratic states got turned into some weird conspiracy to DESTROY democracy. How does he sleep at night? But you fools continue to think Beck has integrity. He is a disgrace to journalism."

One thing that I've learned about Beck in these last 7 months is that you cannot believe a damn thing he says. Too much fiction is presented, on his show, as fact. He's a deceiver first, an informer last. And it works: he's got your fooled.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Paul, this is not about the false claim of how much it cost to have the President travel abroad. That WAS covered in another post:

Quoting from what Jeffery wrote Beck said (above), "Here's a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps."

That is a filthy and horrific lie. Soros did not "help send Jews to death camps," and I suspect that Beck will address this soon. He rarely makes corrections when he lies, so maybe he'll let this horrific lie go uncorrected. Either way, what Beck was doing last week was demonizing a wealthy man for being progressive. In other words, SOS; DD. Now Soros would be smart to pay from extra security as some of Beck's ardent supporters have previously attempted to murder Beck's targets.

dodie46 said...

You cannot reason with low information Beck fans. They believe everything this conman and sociopath spews, no matter how outrageous and vile. The very idea that Soros, as a 14 year old Jewish boy was a Nazi collaborator because he did what his father told him to do in order to survive is reprehensible and ignorant. Beck fans obviously want to believe what Beck says and have no use for facts. They are as guilty as Beck.

Kat7 said...

I find it interesting that Soros, Jones and a number of others get busted in their own video clips.

I suppose we could try and second guess what presenter lies or not. That ends up as personal perception. Nothing more.

In the end it is fairly simple.
Are you progressive or not?
Who do you want to run the country?
Progressive or not?
We know Obama is progressive.
Do you want him running the country or not?
Clearly most of the nation WHO VOTED does not care for the progressive turn seen in the nation.

In the end the average Joe on the street is not as stupid as many of you hope. They are smart enough to in the end figure out which way the wind blows and go with it.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Kat7, you claim that "clearly most of the nation who voted does not care for the progressive turn seen in this nation."

Actually, that's not so clear. Most of those who voted are not happy with the economy. If progressives had dominated the previous two years instead of compromising with the blue dog moderates, the economy would be better off. If the economy had been booming instead of slowly recovering from a devastating recession, the Dems would have been re-elected. PLUS, it's not the progressive Dems who lost. The blue dog conservative/moderate Dems lost last week by far. Your Beckian analysis sounds more like Beck's propaganda than honest or perceptive.

Pew Research indicates that the majority of Americans support "progressive" as a political concept, and they damn well should. Progressives are the only ones in this country willing to stand up to the corporations that would completely dominate us without protections that progressives have put in place over the years. Progressives are the only ones who solve problems. Conservatives just hope that cutting taxes fixes all ills.

Figuring out which way the wind blows doesn't take an IQ as high as 90. It just requires a wet finger and sensation. Fact is that the R's took the House for one reason: most registered voters wanted Dem's in power, but the enthusiastic voters of the Beck lead, Obama backlash did not.

That's what was missing from the rally to restore sanity: a call to vote. It's hard to understand how voter apathy is a sign of sanity.

Anonymous said...

Beck was using Soros' own words. HIS OWN WORDS!! His mother was an anti-semite. Those are his own words in interviews and books. Look it up.

Kat7 said...

@Glen Beck Review,

You pseudo-intellectuals need to leave the comfy sanctum of Huffington Post and The Young Turks. Your minds have been “shrunk” in the halls of academia and you do not even have a clue what has occurred. Get out in the real world. Dust yourselves off and get a real whiff of reality.

"most registered voters wanted Dem's in power"? I would say “you jest of course” but I am quite certain you don't.

Fact? My dear you are smoking whacky tabacky, delusional or are extremely hopeful. You sound exactly like the “shellacked politicians” who got the boot on Nov. 2nd as well as those left on the hill. BIG MISTAKE!

Here are some real facts for you: Most of the voting mass is eclectic in their ideology. Most have common sense enough to see the unsustainable debt that has this nation headed for bankruptcy. 4th grade math can tell anyone who passed it … that is the reality. And yes most of us have an IQ over 90.

You are old enough to remember Joseph McCarthy aren't you? Were you around when Saul Alinsky bit the dust as that “eclectic mass” ignored him? Fact my dear those of you stuck on Alinsky or Chomsky are followers void of original thought..

BTW Beck is a very late comer to anything I believe. I suppose it never crossed your mind that Beck simply parrots what a majority of “the eclectic mass” already knew and believed. He just filled in the “video clips” to slam the steel trap door. Worse than you ever imagined right? I give you credit for intellect enough to figure out the gravity of all that reality.

So your PERCEPTION of my "Beckian analysis" is simply that & OPINION.
No doubt you are familiar with the “opinion” saying?
Since they are so common they are fairly useless to others.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Magicboob, Soros never said that he helped send Jews to the death camps.

What Beck did have Soros say, he took out of context as he typically does.

Here's his interview with Kroft:

More to the point, here's a post about exactly how Beck smears Soros by taking HIS OWN WORDS out of context.

If you believe Beck to be an honest critic, then you have no idea what reality is.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Kat7, I will offer you a link that proves my statement about registered voters.

I guess this is news to you because you are not roundly informed by listening to your self-contained, right-wing media sphere.

What is amazing is how his gullible sheeple can listen to video clips from a renown liar and think that they're getting an honest depiction of what someone means. Beck deceives with his video editing just like the liar Breitbart deceives with his editing.

Kat7, this will come as a shock to you, but you're a pawn in a game so vast and complex that you don't even realize you're in it. It's not about strings and puppets; it is about whose side you're on: we-the-people or the large corporations taking over this country.

Kat7 said...

No big shock that you would not only swallow hook line and sinker Huffington Post, The Young Turks but now Steve Benen. The guy is an under 40 year old flaming propagandized progressive. You have checked out his creds right?

You are asking me to believe you who says the nation is going to hell in a hand-basket because the large corporations are taking over the country? And "we the people" have suddenly turned into progressives?

Your right I am shocked..
1.That someone would be so out of touch with “the real world” to even think that.
2. Be foolish enough to say it out loud.
Do you actually like looking like an ignorant fool on your own blog? I assume you are so vocal on this blog because it belongs to you.

Let me repeat. You need to get off your computer out in the real world trenches.
Believe me I do understand the progressive bubble you find yourself encased in.

What I actually find astounding?
The progressives actually thinking/believing that the mass is as stupid as they (the progressives) think.

If you are an example of most progressives and I would wager you are. Please keep it up because you are committing public hari kari as a group. Sunlight is a killer … LOL

BTW I would further wager I know far more about jacking (changing video) than you ever will. If you for a nanosecond believe these video are jacked I have a cheap bridge you will simply love in Rio Linda. Another also my lad … in my political activist days I cultivated pawns to do what the group wanted them to do. Guess what? We looked for guys like you as our prime target. You will NEVER IMAGINE how easily molded/swayed to ANY CHOSEN mindset that was.

Sad thing? Once they were propagandized? IT CAN NOT BE REVERSED. Easily that is.

You guys are an extremely interesting behavioral study. So it came as no big shock when liberal/progressive was clinically labeled as a mental disability.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Kat7 absurdly claimed, "So it came as no big shock when liberal/progressive was clinically labeled as a mental disability."

Really, by whom, Dr. Limbaugh.

We have shown how Beck "jacks" his video in the past. In the case of the hit job Beck did last week on Soros, that was covered here:

Just one "jacking" of one of Obama's speeches by Beck the deceiver was covered here:

I've covered where Beck purposed edited Obama's G-20 press conference to make it seem like he was saying something he wasn't.

I assume that like Limbaugh and Beck, that you're a reactionary. If you think Beck is honest, Kat, then it's you who is suffering from a mental disability: excessive gullibility.

It's clear to me that you don't know much about me. You want to point your finger, then learn more about your subject. Otherwise you come off as an ignorant clown... like your hero, Mr. Beck.

Kat7 said...

My hero Beck? ROFLMAO

No it's Beck the guy who strikes fear in YOUR heart. I love it!

He is a passionate man ... what is there to fear?
Apparently you are just as passionate only on the other side?

I have no problem with that.
What you say about Beck could easily be said about you … well except you are not famous … lol

What exactly makes you think you are better than him?
Because here are the cruel facts. YOU ARE NOT!

I bet you have never taken the time to wonder what is so broken in your own ego that you are driven to take this man down? I find this behavior infinitely interesting. You, Turk and a number of others progressive bloggers clearly display this deep seated transference neurosis that manifests in political irrationality. Not one of you appears to have a clue that YOU have a problem.

Why do I find it interesting? Because Obama has the same problem.
If it were not so serious I would find it hysterically funny.
But the man who is suppose to be the leader of the strongest nation in the world is clueless.

He is fast becoming a laughing stock to his own party. Personally I do not think that bodes well for any of us do you? Or are you simply oblivious to this fact also?

I watched Bill Maher with Michael Moore the other nite. Moore said something like “Obama needs to take off his pink tutu and grow some balls” … this from one of the most progressive guys in the universe? To bury your head in a progressive political sand dune and say “that ain't happinin” is beyond foolish.

BTW to bring yourself up to speed on the liberal/progressive mental instability?
That would be Dr. Lyle Rossiter, Jr., M.D a well established forensic psychiatrist not Rush Limbaugh … someone I personally DO NOT listen to … but then if you are smart you might have already figured that out.

The Book: The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

Not that I expect you to look into any of these issues and notice how they fit like a glove :)

SoloPocono said...

Absolutely amazing. Talk about an" interesting behavior study" a former Counselor in a Psychiatric Acute Unit-I can't wait to read the inevitable historical perspectives on this phenomena. My 85yr old Dad has seen several of Beck's programs. After the last one, he called me, literally screaming into the phone, about how Beck is using the same tactics, even the same terminology, that he remembers hearing in Europe in the 30's. He uses these tactics, then often just seconds later, accuses Progressives of doing exactly what he, himself, is doing. My Dad is frightened about what all this misinformation & historical revisionism, will do to this Country. He's terrified about what his grandchildren, and their children, will have to deal with in the future because of this Right-Wing, echo machine that has so misguided people into advocating for things against their own self-interest. Beck does a three-day show on the "Puppet-Master" & claims George Soros is the most dangerous man in the world-while completely misrepresenting the things Soros has done.
Kat, since you're an expert in "jacking", you may want to watch the FULL videos of Soros's talks. Amazing how cutting out the last 4 sentences of a speech, can change the meaning completely.
And then you may want to research Rupert Murdoch, his International Media Empire, his fellow major stockholder in Newscorp, (the Saudi Prince & HIS admitted ties to actual terrorist organizations), and then, the NewsCorp/FOX BGH Lawsuit in Florida back in the 90's. Murdoch won a "free speech" case against two of his former news-anchors, who had sued Fox for firing them. Why were they fired? They refused to rewrite a newscast which would have shown the dangers of BGH in cattle that would have affected one of Mr Murdoch's good friend's multi-trillion dollar, multi-national corporation. The anchors were told to change their scripts to claim the exact opposite of what they had found over a years worth of research. They were fired because they refused to LIE to the public.
The power of persuasion is incredible, and Glenn Beck has honed his skills of misleading people for over 30 years. His ability to misinform and mesmerize his viewers into believing anything he says, are unmatched.
Like my Father, I'm terrified at what this phenomena is going to mean for this Country's future. As my Brother, a 30 year Navy Admiral says, "It will be our children and grandchildren who will be paying for this in the next 100 years. When Fox & the multinational corporations, succeed in turning this Country into a Corporate Fascist Nation; our children & grandchildren will be the Third-World Country Slaves for them."
They're almost there....

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Kat7 said..."My hero Beck? ROFLMAO"

Really? Not much left then, huh?

Kat7 said..."No it's Beck the guy who strikes fear in YOUR heart. I love it!

He is a passionate man ... what is there to fear? Apparently you are just as passionate only on the other side?

I have no problem with that.
What you say about Beck could easily be said about you … well except you are not famous … lol

What exactly makes you think you are better than him?
Because here are the cruel facts. YOU ARE NOT"

This is very simple assless Kat: Beck lies. Not all the time, he sprinkles enough facts in with his false narrative to make gullible people like you believe him.

I do not lie. This post by Uygur is about the fact that Soros did not help send people to death camps. Beck lied; I do not.

If you come back here, I will not publish anything you comment on unless you can show where I have something wrong, or at least make the attempt. I have thrown down the challenge to Beck's loyal sheeple to find where I have something wrong here. Anything, take issue with any factual matter presented in any of the 186 posts here.

That's the distinction between Beck and I: Beck is an extremely talented but ignorant liar, and I have no TV/radio talent but a sound education and honesty.

I prefer to be honest and middle class rather than talented and rich. I'm also not afraid of Beck, terrorism or anything else. It's Beck who drives around in a death-proof car; not I.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

First, I have to fix my morning comment: I'd rather be middle class and honest than deceitful and rich.

Kat7, I found a review of The Liberal Mind by a intellectual conservative blog, and I have to quote them here:

"There are four problems with Dr. Rossiter’s arguments against modern liberalism. First, Rossiter never properly defines what exactly a modern liberal is. Second, Rossiter occasionally uses crude and unprofessional language which has the effect of undermining the academic underpinnings of his argument. Third, Rossiter makes statements that he has not taken care to verify. Fourth, his prescription to “eradicate” modern liberalism is impractical at best and at worst an invitation down the path of totalitarianism."

"Now one could argue that liberals are often misguided with regard to their ideas and the implementation of those ideas. But being misguided is not the same thing as being mentally ill. If everyone who was ever misguided about anything at some point in their life was construed to be mentally ill, I doubt there would be any well adjusted people around."

"Dr. Rossiter goes on to recommend a regime of “educational programs” focusing on free market economics and constitutional democracy amongst other things to cure the modern liberal mind. Such a program conjures up images of Malcolm McDowell undergoing the Ludovico Technique watching films with his eyes pried open in A Clockwork Orange."

Think about the totalitarian nature of Rossiter, the hack.

Also see:

Rossiter seems to not know the difference between radicals (socialists/communists) and liberals. For that matter, neither do you.

Kat7 said...

@ The Glenn Beck Review

Of course you won't further publish my comments. Your blog - your right.
Don't worry I might take up the slack with my 39,000 page viewers per month.
Not sure they would be much interested in another “progressive hack” doing what all “progressive hacks” do. Spin and lie when they don't get their way. Dizzy yet?

Bottom line dude? You are a Beck stalker out to dig up anything to discredit him. ANYTHING is the operative word. That makes YOU MY FRIEND a bit touched. Well maybe a lot touched :)

Try not to fret yourself into an early grave with your “Beck is destroying the nation and I (being you) must stop him” conspiracy theory.
I love you guys you make me laugh out loud.


The Glenn Beck Review said...

Kat, I published this to make a couple of points.
I wrote that you couldn't post another comment unless you can find where I have something wrong about Beck. Your reading comprehension has much to be desired.

Also, you wrote about your "39,000 page viewers per month." On what? I looked at your two blogs which make up a total of ONE post. Your profile has 37 views. In other words, you're full of crap.

Let me add that your writing has much to be desired. You wrote, "Try not to fret yourself into an early grave with your “Beck is destroying the nation and I (being you) must stop him” conspiracy theory." Do you not know that a conspiracy involves more than one person?

Do you realize that one cannot "stalk" a celebrity by watching him on TV and writing about him on a computer? Apparently not.

Your defense of Mr. Beck is really strange. It's like you heard him speak once and did not hear much that insulted your intelligence. (Not surprising given your low reading comprehension, misunderstanding of what a conspiracy is and your propensity to lie.) Maybe in the end that's your affinity for Mr. Beck; you're both bald-faced liars. 39,000 page viewers/month my ass!

If I had more time, I could indeed dig up much more to discredit him. Oh, and I'm sitting on some fascinating dirt on Mr. Beck in his youth. If your claims had any validity to them, I would not be sitting on this info.

Kat7 said...

@The Glenn Beck Review

No you published it because I bug the crap out of you and you clearly had more to say. Come on at least be honest with yourself.
Do you actually think it matters if you don't publish my comments?
Please I have been blocked from more progressive sites than you will visit in your life.

I guess this is a lie huh?
“All non-spam comments approved
Free speech is practiced here”
Oh wait I get it my comments are spam right?

Why is it that you progressives want to "shut up" the opposition to your point of view?
You and Jay Rockefeller.
Fear you can not hold your own?
You guys simply can not resist shooting yourselves in the foot can you?

Careful ... you are out on a limb sawing it off behind yourself.
But you still make me laugh out loud. God you guys are so predictably naive or foolish … take your pick.

Did anyone ever tell you there are a number of paths to any destination? Your opinion of which is best does not matter as long as it all ends in the same place. That answers all of the foolish commentary you just made on the “he said she said” jabber you spewed above. BTW you have so many issues that should be addressed I simply do not have the time for it. I did at least expect an adversary that could add 2 plus 2 without trying to divert to 6 because he does not like 4. Doesn't work outside your own bubble in most cases.

Clearly your assuming skills are as lacking as your accurate reporting skills.
Your comments are indicative of all progressive evaders, liars and spinners.

Let me remind you of my initial points.

"In the end it is fairly simple.
Are you progressive or not?
Who do you want to run the country?
Progressive or not?
We know Obama is progressive.
Do you want him running the country or not?
Clearly most of the nation WHO VOTED does not care for the progressive turn seen in the nation."

Your counter was "that's not so clear".
In truth it indeed is as clear as that.
Albeit not for you.

One of my first teachers told me a counter of "its not quite that simple" or in your case "that's not so clear"? The result of someone who can not make simple or clear actually work in the real world. So “let's complicate it so no one understands” … “let's” being the progressive mindset. I probably should add in hopes everyone is stupid enough to buy it as they were to present it.

So let me reiterate.
It is indeed that simple.

As a web developer I own (today) 43 domains. At least 10 of them have blogs. One very well viewed political blog (yes my dear accurate page viewers or more very month). 2 other political that I dropped in Jan of 2010. BELIEVE ME I can understand why that TRUTH might irk you.

BTW: the 2 blogs you reference are free trash blogs necessary to easily comment on blogs like yours. An educated sophisticated individual like yourself should have already figured that out.
OPPPS? Another of those little life miscalculations?

Thanks for making my point … you have busted yourself my dear.
Clearly you do not know the difference between truth or lie.

“Oh, and I'm sitting on some fascinating dirt on Mr. Beck in his youth. If your claims had any validity to them, I would not be sitting on this info.”

Oh my God this has to be one of the most insane comments of all times. What does anything I have to say … to do with your obsession over Beck?

Here is an answer for you!
Yeah I have fascinating dirt on Obama.

I will let him fall on his own sword like you have fallen on yours.

You have good luck with your interesting fear based obsession with Beck.

SoloPocono said...

Well, at LEAST "us guys" can make her "laugh out loud"!! I'll bet it wasn't HALF the fun I had laughing this week when he had the Abramoff Rabbi on again and they were spinning ONE of the best, epic actually, fairytale of the "Tower of Babylon". That was better than his "Native Americans=Lost Tribe of Israel" tale...that one though, once it dawned on me I'd heard that before- I checked Cleon's books-yep!! Almost word for word. And then there was the ACORN non-scandal, continuing to make an fool out of himself about "climategate", his "No other President has EVER done this", (the "indoctrination" tape with the Children singing about between their songs to MLK & other black leaders-since it WAS Black History Month), AND I had just watched kids praying to a cardboard cutout of GWBush, then singing W's "praises", (from Jesus Camp), constantly mentioning "footnotes", (where all of the controversial ones use Beck's own books, or other FoxPAC & Conservative references), his "Fox WON'T LET ME LIE", and SO many more "memorable" moments.
THEN, Beck *almost* topped himself this week. First. The TSA groping issue is really a(NOTHER), Soros/Obama "One World Govt" conspiracy theory; then that phone call from the "Veteran". When I first heard that clip-I actually thought it was a purposeful joke-and I smiled. Then, I realized it wasn't. So far, he hasn't apologized & I doubt he will. My god,...he is turning people into paranoid misinformed minions. And that girl that called in,...I'm wondering if it was a plant? More than anything now-it saddens me. Especially that so many youngsters are buying into this alternate reality, and as Beck has done SO many times through his life; doesn't give a damn who, or what he destroys in the process. Like IAVA.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Kat7 wrote, "I have been blocked from more progressive sites than you will visit in your life."

That's because you're a reactionary troll Kat. You're not the balanced moderate you pretend to be, and you're not addressing the horrific lie that Beck told (the actual subject matter here.

Still waiting for a link to Kat's supposed awesome, traffic-heavy blog. Don't expect to see that offered.

SoloPocono said...

And you won't. This woman is SO transparent, it's just incredible!! Her continuing personal, VERY condescending, personal attacks, as well as her refusal to refute even ONE specific fact you have presented are 1. VERY typical of dedicated Beck zombies 2. Make me doubt anything SHE presents as "true", including her website claim, (if she REALLY had a site that was THAT "popular", AND she sees you as so "inconsequential", WHY would she not proudly tell you the URL of her "very well viewed political blog") 3. Remind me of several things including "thou dost protest too much", "playing the victim", and 4. I knew a con man about 10 years ago, and just the way she presents her rhetoric; to the point that some sentences match up exactly from things he wrote. Not saying it IS a lie, but as St Ronnie said, "trust but verify", and she doesn't seem to want you to "verify".
Anyways, I just wanted to congratulate you-your most recent posts are, as always, EXCELLENT!! AND, it seems that at least some of Beck's misinformed are clicking through to the site, none have challenged you since these posts. Perhaps because they can't? Or, unfortunately, like a few I've spoken to-are just "taking a quick glance" at it. Did you get anyone to make that call?
My Son jumped at the opportunity-HOWEVER, he's trying to catch up with 2 weeks of missed classes before finals in about 13 days, plus working, and finally, his hours are completely opposite of ours. At 9AM EDT here, it's 11PM CMT THERE!!! And, with his schedule-he's been crashing by 10 this week. (also, jet lag). I'll be in touch & keep up the GREAT work!!!

Anonymous said...

My dog is smarter than you.

You reference your own article as a fact?
How dumb are you?

As you can see above, apparently dumber than my dog. Hey, that's just the facts because it's placed first in the HTML.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Anonymous' comment, above, is what I get for trying to show Beck's followers on that Beck lies about Soros and other subjects. This person thinks I'm Cenk and then asks how dumb I am. No irony here!