Thursday, October 14, 2010

T. West on Beck's instigation of violence

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The second video below was posted as a link on Mediaite, a source for news about the media and its figures. Glenn Beck is often covered there, and videos have been used here from that site in the past. The following a comment posted on an article, Glenn Beck Condemns Bronx Anti-Gay Attacks...and Internet Commenters. These are Beck's remarks addressed on that post:

For what it's worth, GlennBeckReview commented:

Beck said, “I read one that said ‘you know it’s Progressives like you that need to be rounded up’ I read that, it was such a horrific post, and that was just one line of it, that I actually sat there on the plane and thought, that guy cannot be a fan of mine….It’s getting hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.”
These are Beck’s people. We see them write similar things [on Mediaite]. He’s created a monster in this land, and he does not even know that he’s the one who foments this behavior in his followers.

Another comment, by "West Thea" is worth reposting here. Instead of a link to his YouTube remarks, the video of West discussing Beck's faith and his inciting of violence by a few of his followers will bring this post to a close.

West Thea says:
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Glenn Beck receives a medical scare with the absence of feeling in the hand and feet, and a virus that is attacking his vocal chords. He then gets a temporary epiphany that he need to defend against the attacks on homosexuals. Where has he been all this time? He then says he’s never read anything like the attacks carried out by a group he refers to as a “gang”, all appear to be non-white. He should expand his reading because this is how many of his own people attacked blacks for hundreds of years in the USA, and some still do. In fact, those attacks were much worse and longer endured than what Beck is reading about. It included the cutting open the stomach of some black women and ripping the unborn baby from the womb and dashing its head against a rock or tree. This is a part of what went into the building of America. This was white America’s method of instilling fear and a white god-complex into the minds of Blacks. I’m sure Beck don’t want the children to hear this, put them to bed. This was the wickedness that this country sewed and now it’s reaping a whirlwind as Beck, Hannity and others enrich themselves by highlighting it for show and ratings. They refuse to deal with the “chicken”, preferring to focus on the presence of the “egg”. How did it get here; what was the path to what we now have? Is this not how you solve problems, by asking what are the steps that create malevolent behavior? What makes an American soldier do the same to Iraqi men, women and children? Is this something Fox News personalities want to highlight? Are they afraid to look into the mirror to see what is looking back at them?
Glenn Beck didn’t have to say the ethnicity of these young men, the pictures will suffice. Yes, the “hearts of “many” (not man) have waxed cold” and iniquity is at the center of it but it didn’t just begin with these darker skinned young men. The apex iniquity hasn’t ended in white America, from the lowest to the highest. When the US announced that it did, in fact, carryout experiments on Guatemalans that involved the intentional infection of some women with sexually transmitted diseases by the same head of the Tuskegee program who committed the same to black men in the USA, they allowed this doctor to die in peace in 2003. Why? He committed these mass crimes in the interest of white people upon non-white people, not just in the US but outside the US. No, Glenn Beck want the children in bed when the ugly truths are being discussed. Look into that mirror and tell the whole truth. Carrying out these evils, you surely can kill and destroy the lives of far more people than a few misguided “gang” members. Beck’s intent is to shine the light on the lies written in the Book of Mormon 2nd Nephi 5. His focus is on “blackness” not the ugliness reflected in the mirror at which he stands. He is as many of the Pharisees were doing the time of Christ. They were smooth operators and could talk the talk but their acts betrayed that talk. When Beck begins to focus on the evil terrible things so apparent among some of the members of the Tea Party and the Republican Party, only then should people consider that, just maybe, he’s truly beginning to get an authentic understanding and rightly acting on that understanding.
T. West

Before more people start swallowing Beck's dangerous ideas, 

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