Monday, October 4, 2010

Beck and Tea Party poach facts from the past, practice historical fundamentalism

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On Friday, October 1, 2010, Rachel Maddow addressed the Tea Party movement's misunderstanding of history which comes, in large part, from Glenn Beck. To do this, she had as her guest, Professor Jill Lapore. No doubt, most participants in today's Tea Party movement are not likely to listen to this video for one reason: it was on the Rachel Maddow Show. Unfortunately, they have been programmed by their propagandists - including, foremost, Mr. Beck - to believe that nothing on "mainstream" media is of any value. This, then, is for non-Tea Party individuals to attain a better understanding of their misunderstanding of the American founding fathers.

Beck's history lessons typically go off the rail. In an article in today's Washington Post, Beck biographer, Dana Milbank, notes that Beck "rhetorically asked his Fox News viewers: 'Why did we buy Alaska in the 1950s?' A good question -- because "we" purchased Alaska in 1867. Another day, he gave his version of European history: 'We have the Age of Enlightenment, 1620 to 1871, uh, 1781. This was a time when people said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, we can think out of the box." This is coming out of the Dark Ages.' That was thinking outside of the box, because the Dark Ages ended in about 1000 AD, six centuries earlier than Beck claimed." Milbank has more examples of the nonsense that passes from Beck's lips. Referring to the Tree of Revolution, a model that was previously taken down on this Review, Milbank wrote, "Wilson's ties to Che [Guevara], like Obama's ties to Hitler, are history as you never read it -- and as it never occurred."

How did this happen? Is this some new historical phase in American history, or are we repeating cycles from the past?  According to Kevin Drum, writing in Mother Jones magazine, this is just another, typical if somewhat larger, backlash to a Democratic president. For more on that history, check out his insightful "Tea Party: Old Whine in New Bottles." Meanwhile, don't just sit there.

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Anonymous said...

"...they have been programmed by their propagandists ... to believe that nothing on "mainstream" media is of any value."

You are an idiot. You think those that can think for themselves are "programmed" by others.

We should purge you and your idiotic partners while we're at it!

The Glenn Beck Review said...

How thoroughly pluralistic of you. Of course, your rhetoric doesn't surprise us.

I was struggling with the word to use there. If my editor would allow, I would have written brainwashed and crossed it off, then programmed and crossed it off for constantly told. Since I cannot show crossed out words, I went with the compromise of programmed. It's a behavior modification technique used by advertisers. Repeat something over and over, and eventually people will believe it.

You can't deny that personalities on Fox, Beck foremost among them, constantly tell their viewers that MSM cannot be trusted. Of course, it's Fox personalities who lie and are evidentially not trustworthy.

Lisa said...

Victor, I know what you mean because I used to be "afraid" to even look at CNN, of all things, or Media Matters because of the folks on Fox basically saying they were poison. When I finally started doing what Beck tells his audience to do on a daily basis and look into what he says, obviously I had to check out CNN, Media Matters and others. So, this is a method they use. Some of my brainwashed friends who still believe every word put out on Fox still freak out if I say, "Media Matters" for any reason. Another method they use is saying, "No one else is reporting on this..." Then, when you do some checking into whatever it was, you find that, of course, other outlets have covered the story. They are hideous for the most part. I still like Red Eye, Shep Smith, Stossel and the Judge. That's about it.

Anonymous said...

I think you were quoting Hitler when you said repeat something over and over until eventually people will believe it.

And you're out of bounds again. This is the Beck review. You shouldn't be commenting on anyone else.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

The Tea Party gets its fundamentalist history from Beck, so Professor Lapore's discussion here is relevant to Beck. He's misinforming his viewers about history.

So far as repeating thing over and over, it's an idea used by Madison Ave. You want to find the original source, that would be great.

SoloPocono said...

"You must perform experiments to prove scientific theories"--OH, WAIT!!! Hitler said that!!! It MUST NOT be true!!! Or just Evil!!
Sorry "anonymous", (aka yet another Beck fan either too ashamed, or too frightened to post under a REAL name), your circular logic is showing.
This tactic Beck uses of demonizing opposing sources, OR telling, almost begging his viewers "don't take my word for it, research this yourself", (while either shortly before or after this last statement he often plugs either one of his books, or one of his "approved" sources), is actually a psychological method as well as a marketing one. AND, it tends to be extremely effective-viewers rarely go outside any of Beck's sources to research anything-if they bother to check at all. See, since Beck tells his viewers to research on their own, "it MUST be true"!!