Friday, August 27, 2010

Three ways opponents of Beck can act to curb his influence

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Readers coming to this Glenn Beck Review for the first time can find the contents of this blog laid out in more or less logical order in the contents page from the link above. This article is a NAN/Restoring Honor special post outlining three steps people can take to curb the influence of America's yellow propagandist-in-chief.

"There is nothing as trustworthy as the ordinary mind--of the ordinary man"
~~Lonesome Rhodes
from A Face in the Crowd

"You have to take [Beck] seriously. He's got a lot of people, 
who are going to come; and he sees himself as a Martin Luther King figure. 
There's a lot of people who buy that. If there's one thing we get out of this...
this is an opportunity to reflect on Martin Luther King's Legacy....I thought 
I'd close by referencing on one of [King's I Have a Dream Speech]. He said...
'In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty 
of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking 
from the cup of bitterness and hatred.'"
~~Faiz Sharkir
from Countdown with Keith Olbermann
August 25, 2010

As thousands converge on Washington DC this weekend, some are going to reclaim King's dream while others are going to "Restore Honor." Glenn Beck is the organizer of the latter event, and it's worth reviewing some of Beck's civil rights record. The following comes from Brave New Foundation:

Beck is reclaiming civil rights?

1) You are encouraged to go to Brave New Foundation, if you have not already, and sign their petition.

2) Because of the first thing heard from Beck in that video, a boycott has been organized to get companies to stop advertising during Beck's Fox show. At the forefront of that effort now is Here is the StopBeck effort’s statement on Beck's rally:

"The StopBeck effort is not organizing or endorsing any counter protests. Glenn Beck’s 828 event is a contemptible stunt to initiate the launch of his new book. On August 28, instead of thinking about Glenn Beck, we’ll be honoring the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. by celebrating his dream and reflecting on the work ahead."

This statement isn’t intended to be a slight against those that are curious about the event and want to go to report on it. It just represents our official position on counter protests.

To learn more about what you can do to stop Beck, go to their website for information and ideas on how to help with this effort.


3) Above is a link entitled Share this URL.  On that post is a description of Beck's on-going attempt to promote his show, to get his viewers to watch his show and become part of his reactionary movement. Look this blog over, and if you do not find it objectionable to your views, please - in e-mails, on websites, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. - share this URL: 

Before more people start tuning into Beck's  
CONvincing propaganda, 
get involved
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