Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Glenn Beck turning over a new leaf?

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On the eve of his Restoring Honor rally in Washington last Saturday Glenn Beck agreed to sit down for an interview on XM radio with Joe Madison. During this exchange, Beck is walking back from his position that got him into so much difficulty with the sponsors that dropped from his show. The last third of his rally speech is also worth considering for its hope that Beck is going to stop, to use his analogy, being a captain of a slave ship.

Mr. Beck admits to ignorance

It is refreshing to hear Mr. Beck admit to having been ignorant, but his understanding of liberation theology is still far from informed. Jesuit priest and author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything wrote in "Glenn Beck vs. Christ the Liberator" that liberation theology:
...also sees the figure of Jesus Christ as the "liberator," who frees people from bondage and slavery of all kinds. So, as he does in the Gospels, Christ not only frees people from sin and illness, Christ also desires to free our fellow human beings from the social structures that keep them impoverished. This is this kind of "liberation" that is held out. Liberation theologians meditate on Gospel stories that show Christ upending the social structures of the day, in order to bring more--uh oh--social justice into the world. Christians are also asked to make, as the saying goes, a "preferential option for the poor."
It's not hard to see what Beck has against "liberation theology." It's the same reason people are often against "social justice." Both ideas ask us to consider the plight of the poor. And that's disturbing. Some liberation theologians even consider the poor to be privileged carriers of God's grace. In his book The True Church and the Poor, Jon Sobrino, a Jesuit theologian wrote, "The poor are accepted as constituting the primary recipients of the Good News and, therefore, as having an inherent capacity of understanding it better than anyone else." That's pretty threatening for any comfortable Christian. For not only do we have to help the poor, not only do we have to advocate on their behalf, we also have to see them as perhaps understanding God better than we do.
...It's hardly "the opposite of the Gospel," as Beck said. The opposite of the Gospel would be to acquire wealth and fail to work on behalf of the poor.
Clearly, Beck's "enlightenment" has progressed only so far.

In his speech during his rally, Beck's sermonizing offered an interesting analogy for Beck's life to date. This clip along with the first two parts of his speech are available on Mediaite. Earlier in this speech Beck exhorts his supporters four times to "tell the truth."

From describing his whole life as dishonorable, Beck again urges his supporters to be truthful. But, not teaching division?!? Since this is what Beck has been doing since he moved to Fox, it's difficult to understand how he feels people should not include him as a divider. 
However, perhaps Mr. Beck will use this event to turn the same kind of new leaf as  John Newton, the slave ship captain in the 1700's, who turned his life around. From being a "despicable man," who could not see the horror that he was engaged in," Newton became a changed man from that storm and wrote "Amazing Grace." 

Will Mr. Beck become an honorable man and start telling the truth as he exhorts his followers to do? Beck knows that he's under closer scrutiny than ever. He has dismissed Media Matters for America, a progressive media watchdog organization, but they, like The Glenn Beck Review, research his claims and have found much in the past that was baseless and false.

As previously pointed out, if Mr. Beck continues to misinform,  every deceit, every example of misinforming, whether purposeful or from ignorance, will be one or another level of hypocrisy.

Everyone makes mistakes, so Beck will be given two shows on Fox to correct his factual errors before this Review takes Mr. Beck to task for not being the honorable person that he implored his followers to become on August 28th, 2010.

Before more people start tuning into Beck's 
CONvincing propaganda, 
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