Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Glenn Beck Blatantly Lies About Obama's "Apology Tours"

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The following is an article written by Roger Fallihee on his Open Salon blog, The World According to Roger. It is reprinted here with permission of the author.

Glenn Beck is a shameless liar who could probably teach P.T. Barnum a thing or two about self promotion.
Beck talks endlessly about restoring honor to America and judging a man based on the content of his character.  If yesterday's (8/24/2010) "Glenn Beck Show" is any indication, the content of his own character is a few miles south of stellar.
Before the messianic Glenn Beck decided to embark on a mission to restore honor to America and save the world from the ghost of Woodrow Wilson, he should have at least cleaned up his own house.
Yesterday Beck,  the self-appointed savior of America, addressed President Obama's habit of running around the world apologizing for America's arrogance.
Beck showed twenty-two seconds of the following clip, which I have cropped exactly the way he did.  If you only watch this particular clip you could easily believe that President Obama is an apologist for America.
This is the 22 second clip that Beck played to back up his 
blatant lie that Mr. Obama is an apologist for America. 

Now watch and listen to what President Obama says in the next 1:15.

Does the additional 1:15 change the tone and content of the President's remarks?  Gee Wally, I think it did.

Did Glenn Beck accidentally leave out the entire portion of the speech that demonstrated President Obama's thoughtful and reasoned approach to the complex and nuanced world of international relations?  Of course not. 
Beck knew that viewing the clip beyond the 0:58 point would cause his phony rant to fall apart, so he didn't show it.  (If you watch closely you can see Beck nervously motioning to his producers to stop the clip in time).
Beck is certainly not the first person, on the right or the left, to use this deceitful tactic but he's the only one that uses it while constantly talking character, and the importance of always telling the truth.
Glenn Beck is right about one thing:  We have a lot of huge problems in this country.  But is he the man to solve them when he's nothing more than a shallow thinking, opportunistic charlatan?

Beck's uneasy relationship with the truth is not news to me nor should it be to anyone who has ever listened to him for more than ten minutes.  His upcoming 8/28 rally is nothing more than a vehicle to expand the Glenn Beck brand name, sell books, and hook more gullible people  into his premium, fee-based website. Even many of his supporters are becoming disenchanted with his "all-about-me" personality.

The unintended consequence of the rally is that Beck will surely increase his stature as a spokeman for the conservative movement, a role that he does not relish.  Beck does not want to stump for candidates or appear on "Meet The Press" because he's smart enough to know that the depth of his knowledge withers under pressure.  Beck thrives in a tightly controlled environment, not in the rough and tumble world of actual journalism.

Beck claims that the 8/28 rally will be a non-political event yet Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker.  Sarah Palin hasn't had a non-political moment since the first time she trotted her Down Syndrome baby onto the national stage. 
Glenn Beck wants to be compared favorably to Martin Luther King.  He wants to "reclaim the civil rights movement" which up until now has never been closely associated with ultra-conservative Mormons.

When the history books are written Glenn Beck will be considered the modern-day P.T. Barnum, not Martin Luther King.  Barnum's knack for separating people from their money is something that Beck has brazenly perfected.

The sad thing about the dishonest spectacle of Glenn Beck and the 8/28 rally is that millions of good, hard-working people in this country believe in him and hang on his every word.  They believe in his message.  They believe in his convoluted "six degrees of separation" associations that can turn anyone who ever shook hands with William Ayers into a raging Marxist.

It's possible that 300,000 people will show up for Beck's rally this Saturday.   They're going to hear what Beck has relentlessly promoted as a "turning point in American history."  Beck promises that their children will remember this event for the rest of their lives.  In one of Beck's trademark moments of modesty he said, "Fifty years from now people will say, 'I was there.'"

If anything the 8/28 rally will be a turning point in the history of American "huckterism."

Mr. Beck's skills as a broadcaster and a conservative pitchman are almost without equal.  He quickly eclipsed Sean Hannity and is nipping at the heels of GOP kingmaker, Rush Limbaugh.

But the content of Beck's character is another story altogether.

Before more people start tuning into Beck's 
deceitful propaganda, 
get involved
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Lisa Houserman said...

I could tell by the way Beck signaled wildly to his producer, director, or whomever, that he indeed wanted them to cut that and now! The show yesterday had me enraged beyond belief with all of the silly religious questions. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Only 1 comment? Looks like you really turned sonme heads here.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

I've pointed this example out to several people. That few have commented on this obvious deception does not make it any less of a deception. There's only one head that needs to turn, and it's Glenn Beck's. Beck suggested today that people can turn a new page. I hope he does. When he stops deceiving his viewers, whether intentionally or out of ignorance, he will be halfway toward having honor in his life. When he sticks to the principles that he articulates, supporting the Constitution and not quoting others out of context for just two examples, then I will retire this blog and get a semblance of my previous life back.

Lisa, Beck's direction has turned in the last 4-6 months solidly toward a renewed faith in God, as Beck understands God. To Beck, his questions are not silly. For months Beck has become more and more preachy. In this sense, Beck is even more reactionary than his 19th Century liberalism. Beck is now fighting a battle, on the subject of God, with the Enlightenment. He understands his audience better now than he did a year ago, and he's tuning in better to the message that the anti-scientific, beliefs-are-truth fundamentalist, uber-religious segment of American society that are his followers. That's bound to turn off more and more followers of Ayn Rand's philosophy, as well as people who do not deny science like the belief-centric people Beck surrounded himself with today, 8/28.

Lisa Houserman said...

Well, all I can say is I hope you are right about people being turned off by his preachy turn in life. I know that's what started the red flags going off with me when I was a Beck fan. I am certain I can't be the only person who is kind of not in the mood for a church service! You did hit it when you said that he is in a battle with the Enlightenment and science in general.

Anonymous said...

As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, I just want you to know that you are on my weekly prayer list - where I seek to bring before God the need of everyone who is in a leadership position, either formally or informally, that they would be guided by His Spirit to speak only Truth.


Brenda said...

The additional 1:15 of the video clip did not sound any less apologetic for America's arrogant role of leader. I understand what Obama's purpose was in his speech - but I don't agree with his downplaying of America and our role as leader. As for Glenn Beck being a charlatan, liar and hypocrite? As someone who listens to both sides of the aisle, reads the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report, and who systematically researches what is reported - I have to respectfully disagree with you.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Brenda, your biased assimilation of his speech has been shaped by the propagandists at Fox. Obama hasn't apologized for the U.S. once. Not once. If you can't understand this, then you certainly are not going to grab that Beck lies about the President and his views often.

YOu need to take the Glenn Beck Review challenge to Beck's supporters here and show where the accusations of Beck deceiving his audience is wrong.

Unknown said...

I haven't watched FOX in awhile, too afraid I'll do an Elvis Presley (fire handgun w/live round), to my TV. After a number of lies, double-talk and propaganda, I must turn it off or change the channel. Seriously though, I stopped watching last year. I noticed they'd run the little ticker (streamer) across the bottom of the screen. I believe they're using it to conduct subliminal messaging. I noticed when doing a regular story about Obama or the so-called liberal agenda, thats the time they run any negative information in the little ticker. They also do it the other way, when the regular story is about terrorism, poverty or bad news, they run Obama, or democratic party news or information in that little ticker. They're agenda is NEGATIVE/POSITIVE-ASSOCIATION/DIS-ASSOCIATION (or some such Bull-Shi*), it is subliminal messaging because you don't realize it's happening unless you're looking for it. Now they interview republicans or conservative authors and the positive, good stuff replaces the negative and bad. FOX is conducting brainwashing, I know people have been voting against their own best interests for years, Its got to be more than because mom and dad did. Maybe not

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Interesting observation Mike; I had not noticed that. I think the word "brainwashing" is a bit strong though. It's more like programming.

People have been voting against their interests for years, long before FoxPAC came along to reinforce their anti-self-interest perspective. There's a very good book on this called The Political Mind. It starts off quite technical in its psychology, but if you can get through those early chapters, which explain why people do not vote in their rational self-interest, it becomes real useful from debating the right and getting those in the middle to side with your POV.

C. M. Koenig said...

Huh, well...
I still like Glenn Beck, he gives the right-wing version of things. He may be a bit insane, but, heck, I'm a Libertarian. I'm not conservative BY ALL MEANS, but I like it when I have the freedom to do stuff.

And--oh, yeah. Pres. Obama still likes abortion. Unless the mother is in'll get a resounding "No!" from me, on whether or not it's right.

He also thinks we need to spend tons of money, when my family has done amazingly on the Dave Ramsey plan.
And he's a Liberal. From what I've seen, Liberals aren't that bright and don't do much to help anyone--as a group. But no one does, actually. That's why I'm happy GB actually notices women are being attacked in Islamic contries. I'm definitely a fem-Nazi (by another right-winger's standards) and it makes me happy to notice SOMEONE cares about what goes on.

Basically, I do believe the end of that clip was good and I'm glad you offered that up--it's good to know Obama realizes the obvious that Europe thinks we're idiotic fatties. Unfortunately, it's the Liberal attitude of "everybody's equal" that got us there. Me? I think smart kids need to be pushed and less-than-brilliant kids need individual care; I don't believe in holding kids back.

I also think home-schooling is a good idea, as long as the parents let their kids grow and get ideas from other people. Most Liberals don't agree with that. I'm curious on why.

Oh, and since I'm mixed race, please refrain from calling me "racist". That keeps happening to me when I say I agree with some things Glenn Beck talks about (i.e. Woodrow Wilson was bad)...and it gets bloody annoying.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Carly, you can "like" someone who lies like this day after day, but that does not speak highly of your brand of Libertarianism.

BTW, you do know that Ayn Rand was an atheist, right?

I don't call anyone racist unless they make racist remarks. This may surprise you, but I don't see where Beck is a real racist although he bumps his fat butt up against symbolic racism quite often. Your experience is strange since Beck taught me that Wilson was a racist. I had not known that.

Look, I have a Libertarian streak. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 primaries. However, Beck is not a person that I would want to have on my side if I were a straight-forward Libertarian. The lie caught here is one of dozens and dozens documented here and elsewhere. Plus, I have documented his blatant hypocrisy several times. Beck has no honor or integrity. He is still, to use his word, a "dirtbag."

Plus Beck is a crass opportunist. He WAS a pro-choice liberal with a pony tail until he studied talk radio and realized that the money to be make in talk radio was on the conservative side of this area.

You need to find another Ron Paul.

cmoprcc said...

I was with you until:

"His upcoming 8/28 rally is nothing more than a vehicle to expand the Glenn Beck brand name, sell books, and hook more gullible people into his premium, fee-based website."

As we know now, it was not political at all. It was about getting this nation to recognize that we need to pull ourselves together and get back to what we were as a nation. Nobody used 8/28 as a stump.

"Beck thrives in a tightly controlled environment, not in the rough and tumble world of actual journalism."

Funny, but he's not a journalist nor a "investigative reporter", just a political pundit and entertainer.

Beck claims that the 8/28 rally will be a non-political event yet Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker. Sarah Palin hasn't had a non-political moment since the first time she trotted her Down Syndrome baby onto the national stage.
Glenn Beck wants to be compared favorably to Martin Luther King. He wants to "reclaim the civil rights movement" which up until now has never been closely associated with ultra-conservative Mormons.

john said...

why mr glenn beck review man, if you are a supporter of ron paul and the libertarian agenda, do you not devote your time to gaining support for that cause? why not follow a positive goal of gaining support for your cause instead of trying your damnedest to make people dislike glenn beck? from my point of view, this site is mostly an opinion piece on how bad fox and beck are. why not look at the plank in your own eye instead of the sliver in theirs? msnbc and cnn are far from being saints, but i have heard no negative remarks about them. why dont you try and be a little more 'fair and balanced'? sry couldnt resist the fox tagline :)

The Glenn Beck Review said...

cmoprcc, self-promotion is not political. Beck used the event to raise his profile, and according to the statistics it worked but not nearly as well as his made-up conspiracy theories as of late. Don't forget, Beck's rally was initially conceived as a book release event (publicity only). Criticism lead him to broaden the appeal for the gullible.

Beck is not a journalist or a pundit. Pundits have an expertise. Beck is a blowhard and a charlatan. He is an entertainer. If he were on Comedy Central, I could shut this blog down.

White people cannot reclaim the civil rights movement. The notions is absurd. Civil rights are still not associated with ultra-conservative Mormons except in the minds of ultra-conservative tools.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

John, I support Paul's effort among the Beck crowd a lot. This Review is not about R. Paul, it's about Glenn Beck, liar, hypocrite and fraud. Congressman Paul is honest and principled. He is legit even if the vast majority of Americans do not support, and will not support, his reactionary positions. I voted for Paul because he was the least violent-prone Republican in the primary, and I would have voted for him in the general election (for reasons that won't make any sense) if he'd won the Republican nomination.

I am fair and balanced. Try reading the essay, "What is the truth about Glenn Beck?" YOu haven't heard a critical comment about MSNBC because you haven't spent much time reading here. I've criticized Keith Olbermann for his misunderstanding of Beck's transcripts, and I criticized Media Matters once (they made the correction on their site). I also sided with Beck once about a story he covered SEVEN months after it was first published. (Ignorance is also behind the curve of the news cycle.) I'm more fair and balanced than any other critic of Glenn Beck that I've seen. I'm willing to point out when he's right, and I've done that multiple times.

This is only about Fox in so far as they provide the context for Beck to engage in his deceitful vitriol. Obama didn't apologize in Europe; Beck lied about that. Beck lies about the President too often. Beck lies about progressives too. Beck lies about the environmentalists too.

Beck is an ignorant liar; there is plenty of support for that claim, and this is just one example of a blatant lie.

nancie said...

What does this have to do with El Salvador?

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Nancie, Beck is lying about what Obama said there in a similar, out of context manner.