Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beck attacks Media Matters, hides his hypocrisy behind fear-mongering

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On his Fox show of August 25, 2010, Glenn Beck, broadcasting from Washington, DC this week, welcomed his viewers and then attacked one of his primary critics, the progressive Media Matters for America:

The Hilary Clinton, George Soros created Media Matters headquarters here in Washington DC. Yeah, I'm talking to you. I wanted to congratulate everybody at Media Matters on the totally awesome job that you're doing. Like the report that you had just the other day, on me, calling me a hypocrite for questioning the ground zero mosque Feisal Abdul Rauf.  Because as you noted in your press release, earlier this week, I appeared to call Rauf a good Muslim in 2006. And your evidence, I must say, was overwhelming.

Beck then play a truncated version of the video shown on The Review cut off right after Beck said "sure...sure." Beck continued:

That was it. Media Matters also showed the damning evidence that I appeared to gesture towards Rauf when I way saying, you know, good Muslims. Bravo, I mean you got I could have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids. Obviously, I'm completely in bed...with Fiesal. No I....seriously. Speaking of pesky, facts sometimes are pesky matters, especially when you work where you work with George Soros money. Let me show you how you, at Media Matters originally reported the very same story from the very same interview in 2006. I wonder if they're the same.

Beck played a segment of the same video again, this time cutting it off after saying "It is important to look evil in the eye and crush it."

Ummmm, did you hear the problem? They're using the same, this one is now and they're saying, 'see, I endorse him. He's good. This one is using the same video clip and saying "I hate all Muslims." That's weird. Using the same thing, highlighting different You know, Media Matters, you guys are good. You need to keep looking at that interview, see what you can come up with next. I got it. I got it. Tomorrow, issue a third release where maybe I'm the Iman and he's the crazy guy. [sleazy laugh] That'd be great.  

The problem is that Beck still didn't play the portion where he claimed that Islam is "a beautiful religion." That he now has abandoned his respect for Islam to join and perpetuate the Islamophobia meme is a contradiction stemming from his willingness to discard values in order to spread fear. What The Review finds hypocritical is Beck's easy willingness to help undermine the Constitution (exactly what he accuses progressives of doing) by abandoning the 1st Amendment for the purposes of pushing the FEAR buttons in his viewer's minds. As pointed our earlier, this is also undermining American security. Unfortunately, it's working. From Beck's website are just a few of the many similar comments. The three names have been removed to protect the ignorant.

But i think this particular IMAM is definitly Radical in the salinsky mold and this developer is really a waiter in disguise.

My opinion is, if things are hidden, there is a reason. It is quite funny that our So-Called president backs this IMAM and our state dept sent him and his wife on a so-called tour. How many of them do you think are either being fooled by him or agree with his thoughts. We as American Citizens and Christians have to go through much more interrogation to get jobs that require security clearance and background checks than they have done on this Fool and his Wife. Wake up people and understand, Obama was a PLANT by the Muslim Nations and people and other Radicals that Hate the USA. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

In my judgement, Islam is an evil religion and political body which has the stated aim of destroying all other religjons and killing the infidels. Our God is a Loving God and their Allah focus's on destruction. Ultimately, when one examines all the alternatives/ available to us, one is compelled to realize that our Loving God is calling us to have faith in him and his power to resolve these issues in his favor and those of his children as well. Unfortunately, our nation has turned its back on God ancd unless we turn from our wicked ways and seek his forgiveness we can not expect him to protect us. [Emphasis added]

A bigger problem is that Glenn Beck is leading these types of people to the nation's capital to have an event that is primarily about restoring honor, specifically the honoring of American military personnel whose mission he is making more dangerous. What is honorable about dividing Americans -AGAIN -over the strategy of fearing the "other?" This time it is Muslims. Previously with Beck, it was a black man or organization used to scare his viewers. He's made patriotic people, who happen to believe that government has a role to play in both protecting the public from greedy and unscrupulous private, business practices as well as from enemies, both foreign and domestic, the "other." Beck has made progressives people to fear, distrust and hate. Beck divides Americans, and in this case he's leading people away from the Constitution he pretends to honor! The one person who will not have honor restored in this weekend is Glenn Beck because he has not yet proven that he has any! Hypocrites are not honorable! Purposely deceitful propagandists are not honorable. Preaching about God doesn't make Beck honorable.

To conclude, this issue, this Islamophobic meme that Beck is hypocritically reproducing, is much bigger than Glenn Beck. The Glenn Beck Review offers the words of Representative Keith Ellison, (D) Minnesota, to drive home what Beck is leading and what is to be done about it:

Ellison: ...we have too many Democrats who operate on the basis of fear. You know, if they'd stand up and say, 'look, you know, we have a 1st Amendment and a heritage of religious tolerance that we are proud of, and we're not going to back off from that.' We would win. That would be winning elections strategy. It'd be good policy, it'd be good politics. But so often they catch us by surprise, and we end up trying to triangulate and capitulating, and that's just a sad thing. I ask Democrats, progressives and liberals to stand up and be proud of our Constitution and be proud of our heritage of equality, liberty. And because if we don't stand up for these ideals the people who want to divide us and whip up hate and division, they will be active, and unfortunately, they may be successful. [Emphasis added]

 on Countdown with Keith Olbermann
August 26, 2010
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Lisa Houserman said...

The whole rally is going to be about religion and how we are a Christian nation and all that stuff. Bank on it. I can't believe how he is trying to scare folks. Also, he's putting the nation in danger with this kind of hate and fear. He makes it sound like Christianity is the one true religion and we all have to "get back to it" in the same manner that the founders did, in his mind anyway. He totally believes they were raised up by God to found this country. Thanks for the great blog.

rokytop said...

What is wrong with believing in God? Most of our founders did. Thomas Jefferson attended church in the Capitol Building. As for the rally, I believe, Beck invited many religious men and women on to the stage. They included rabbis, and imans. I don't think I saw any Buddist or Hindus; so I guess Beck is still a religious bigot, right?
It is hard to have an intelligent discussion about any topic, with people who believe their great, great, . . .,grandfathers were monkeys. Even harder when they claim they came from some accidental slime. Even the great evolutionary leader says that the beginning of life might have been started by space aliens. Go figure.
You completely miss the point, it's not the mosque. It is the location and the purpose behind it, that is questioned.
You are also the people who want to call abortion a political subject. Some of us beg to believe differently. . . we feel that it is a moral issue. We can disagree without being so disagreable, or can you?

The Glenn Beck Review said...


Who claimed anything is wrong with believing in God? I believe in god.

Who claimed Beck is a religious bigot? Beck is replicating an Islamaphobic meme which undermines the Constitution and endangers our troops.

I think you need to go back much, much further to have ancestors who were monkeys. Whether the slime that bred life was an accident or not is yet to be determined. We don't know what started life for certain yet.

You have no right to question the location of this mosque. NYC officials have already voted for this location. You can't stop it because your opinion or sensitivity does not over ride the 1st Amendment. Period.

I don't mention abortion in this blog. Until Beck makes a false claim about the subject or demonstrates hypocrisy about this, I will not address abortion.

Am I being disagreeable?