Friday, July 2, 2010

Who trusts Glenn Beck?

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The Glenn Beck Show of May 25th Begin with the following:

See that word pointed at with the red arrow? Part of his monologue was as follows:

Beck: Stand in the truth because if you don’t it’s only a matter of time before the truth finds you. Everything is about to change in this country. It really is…Truth is a fire, and it’s a fire that, uh, only lies start.

The video:

Regular visitors to The Glenn Beck Review may be snickering by now, but Beck’s loyal followers, the 9-12ers and the like, seem to believe that 1) Beck tells the truth and 2) Beck can be trusted to tell the truth.

To have someone wax profoundly about the truth as Beck does and then turn around and commence lying as he has sporadically this year and since then, is just another example of Beck’s hypocrisy, the seventh documented by The Glenn Beck Review for the month of May.

Beck’s supporters are invited to consider the following blog posts and reconsider those beliefs and that trust in light of what’s been uncovered:
Glenn Beck lies a lot!

How Beck has the audacity to plaster “trust” on a blackboard behind him or talk about truth as a fire started by lies without spontaneously combusting is a mystery to The Glenn Beck Review. Anyone who can explain this, anyone who can explain their trust of Glenn Beck is free to do so in the comments below.

It’s abundantly clear that Glenn Beck is extremely persuasive, and there-in lies the rub. Beck’s followers seem to be gullible, accepting and believing of someone not worthy of anyone’s trust, much less millions of viewers every night. It’s as if the people on the far right, reactionaries like Beck, have fallen over the cliff of rationality.

It’s sad because Beck Founders Fridays could be an excellent source of useful and interesting information about our Founding Fathers, but instead we just cannot believe anything he says. If anything should start to change in this country, it’s Glenn Beck!

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