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What is the color of Glenn Beck?

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Hint: It’s not white.

By asking a question about Beck’s color, when he is obviously caucasian and therefore white skinned, The Review’s purpose is more subtle than what the color of his skin is. What is sought is an adjective to go along what was determined in the previous post, namely that at times at least, Beck is a propagandist.

Rather than simply linking the word, propaganda, to its definition at, it’s useful to define it here for clarity and a shared understanding.  The following is C & P from a comment made on the previous blog by sekanblogger, author of Kansas Mediocrity.  As follows:

Much of [Beck's program] is, by definition, propaganda.
1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.
3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

One can certainly argue that not everything Beck states is propaganda; that’s true. However, his campaign against progressivism is unadulterated propaganda. If you don’t agree with that, then you have no idea who is being described here.

The Question is, What Color is His Propaganda?

WhiteWhite implies surrender. They waved the white flag of surrender. That clearly is not something that describes Glenn Beck.

Black: Black is the flag color used by the anarchists. Beck believes in minimalist government, not the absence of government; so that’s not the color of Beck.

Blue: Blue in the United States is suggestive of liberal, the blue states. Beck may live in a blue state, but he is a fish out of water there.

Red: Red in the United States is indicative of conservative, the red states. Beck is not conservative; he does not wish to maintain the status quo. Far from it. Red is also the color of communism, so it’s safe to maintain that red is not the color of Beck.

Green: Green is the color of environmentalism. This certainly does not describe the man who bragged of burning plastic in his back yard on Earth Day this year.

Purple: Purple often denotes gay, at least when worn by a man. There’s nothing purple about Glenn Beck.

OrangeOranges are round, but that’s not enough. Oranges are sweet and healthy.  No, orange is not the color of Beck. He may be sweet to people who are close to him, but his personna is anything but sweet. An arguement could be made by his supporters that his propagada is healthy for America, but that’s debatable at least and for many like arguing that the oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico is healthy for the fish, birds and turtles there.

That leaves YellowYellow may be appropriate for two reasons. First, a yellow flag is waved in times when caution is required. That works for Beck when one considers the amount of deception used when he discusses progressivism, Obama, climate change, etc. Caution: fact check those statements. Yellow is certainly a candidate to serve as a color for Beck, but is caution enough?

Yellow Journalism is a term used to describe a certain style used by some news outlets.

Inflammatory, irresponsible reporting by newspapers. The phrase arose during the 1890s, when some American newspapers, particularly those run by William Randolph Hearst,  worked to incite hatred of Spain, thereby contributing to the start of the Spanish-American War.

The color itself actually comes from a cartoon character, The Yellow Kid, a character in the extremely then popular strip Hogan’s Alley. It appeared in The New York World which was owned by Joseph Pulitzer. According to

The Yellow Kid was the object of a circulation war between the New York World and its competitor, the New York Journal that eventually resulted in both newspapers engaging in journalistic practices characterized by hyperbole, melodrama, and even manufactured events.

It’s ironic that the name that a prestigious award for excellence in journalism, The Pulitzer Prize, came from the owner of a newspaper that was known for anything but.  Imagine, if you can, 50 years from now the Murdoch award going to the reporter(s) with excellence in exposing deceit in news outlets.

Yellow is Beck’s color. Viewers need to be warned with a caution flag when watching the irresponsible and hyperbolic commentary of the crying drama king who manufactures conspiracy theories (Crime, Inc.) and reasons why political progress is bad for anyone other than people like him, i.e., rich folks.

To summarize; Glenn Beck is an under qualified, hypocritical, yellow propagandist who uses a mix of facts and lies to create the illusion that the country is going down the tubes, not getting better, as a result of the progressive movement that began in the U.S. about 100 years ago. This conclusion is the culmination of all posts to date, so do not accuse The Glenn Beck Review of name-calling until you examine the evidence that has been previously presented.

It’s clear from his ratings and the comments from his supporters, so-called Beckerheads, on these pages that he’s also very effective at this nasty game.

Does Beck Really Lie?

Anyone, who does not notice Beck’s lies or his hypocrisy, is encouraged to explore the site's contents.

 Get involved.


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Brad said...

So what exactly is your color? LOL

Brad said...

This just cracks me up....

If "All Comments Approved" is you policy, why is there an approval process? LOL


The Glenn Beck Review said...

Brad, my color is pretty expressly laid out here. See, "What is the truth about Glenn Beck?" On the three claims that Beck is a liar, a hypocrite and a charlatan, my color is moot.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

There is an approval process because that is how Blogger works. I did not choose to make it this way.

LOL on you.

I'm glad I have to approve comments though. Otherwise I would not know what is being said or where and would therefore not know what I need to address as the comments are being made. Do you have a problem with that Brad?

Anonymous said...

glenn beck is a television personality just like kieth olberman and big bird... but no one is a bigger lier, and hypocrite than Obama, George W, and Clinton

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Beck is an entertainer and rodeo clown. Olbermann is a newsman with a liberal bias. Big bird can't tell the difference between the two, just like he can't tell the difference between the dishonesty of G. Bush's war and the honesty of Obama's escalation in Afghanistan.

Oh, the word is liar, not lier.