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A tale of two realities

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Glenn Beck’s Fiction and Obama’s Oil Spill Speech
Mental giant?

On his Fox show from 6/14/10, Glenn Beck laid out on one of his famous chalk boards a group of points, “data points,” that he was going to connect, then ask, “What does the picture tell you?” The points were: “pushing away Israel and Great Britain,” “net neutrality,” “cap and trade,” “government health care,” “corruption,” “no repeal of the Jones Act,” “overspending, unpaid liabilities,” “Marxists in White House,” and global government.” He asked, “Are they related?” If anyone can tie together such a disparate list of “points,” it’s Glenn Beck, right? “It’s my job” to put the big picture together. How can anyone doubt his mental abilities?
Beck’s Reality

Beck said of this, “You look at everything…but I don’t know.” He added, “These people don’t know what it’s like at the end.” The end? “These people” were President ObamaJim WallisVan Jones,Al GoreMaurice Strong and others not named on the board.  Beck is making connections and connecting the dots again. A list of economic indicators on an adjacent board show Beck that there’s a plot afoot to destroy our Republic or our economy or our way of life or all three. Beck’s paranoid style makes it difficult to always understand what he’s really concerned about on this show (besides his ratings and sales of his books).

He informed his viewers that his guests are usually historians and “fiction novelists.” He said, “I figured out years ago that…fiction novelists were the only ones who would tell me the truth.” So someone who does not know that “fiction novelists” is redundant is going to enlighten others.…while admitting “I don’t know” where we’re going.

Beck called fiction that’s based on facts “faction.” Umm, that word is already defined, and it – the actual use of the word – came up during discussion with his guests. He referred at this point to “the global warming scam.” A depiction of this “scam:”

NASA’s GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Beck’s Guests

Beck introduced a “fiction novelist,” Vince Flynn, and the President of the Ayn Rand Institute, Ron Brook. Flynn’s book, Term Limits was presented:

Vince Flynn wrote Term Limits

In this thriller, Flynn paints a picture of war veterans coming home after serving abroad and finding that Congress is a “Parliament of horrors,” and “these guys start ending up dead.” Don’t think that Beck is supporting the spilling of blood in America. He doesn’t want aFrench Revolution played out here in America. Perhaps that’s because he understands how similar he is to radical journalist, Jean-Paul Marat.

When Beck introduced Flynn, he said Flynn is “very much like me, riddled with ADD and he struggled most of his life.” The Review had read that Beck suffers from ADD, but this is the first time that’s been verified. For readers unsure of what that means for an adult, according to the National Resource Center on ADHD, the observed symptoms in adults are:

  • Often making careless mistakes when having to work on uninteresting or difficult projects
  • Often having difficulty keeping attention during work, or holding down a job for a significant amount of time
  • Often having difficulty concentrating on conversations
  • Having trouble finishing projects that have already been started
  • Often having difficulty organizing for the completion of tasks
  • Avoiding or delaying in starting projects that require a lot of thought
  • Often misplacing or having difficulty finding things at home or at work
  • Often having problems remembering appointments or obligations, or inconveniently changing plans on a regular basis
This may explain why he needs other writers to help write his books.

Referring to the War on Terror, Flynn stated that “People get it. They don’t want to hear all of the details. They just want these [terrorists] to disappear.” Right. Who cares about how the CIA had Bin Laden on the run toward Pakistan and requested deployment of American troops at the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in 2002. This request was denied by the Bush Administration because of its focus on the Iraq invasion, and Bin Laden disappeared alive! Such unneccessary details!

Later, Ron Brook stated, “Where we’re heading for is an ever-growing state…applies to all these [pointing at the board depicted above] all these different factions. There is a sense in all these things of making everybody the same, the group…You know: no individuals.” There it is: solving the country’s problems involves“People are taught not to think.”

Excerpt from The President’s Speech on the Gulf Oil Spill

Think about this:

Obama: …one of the lessons we’ve learned from this spill is that we need better regulations, better safety standards, and better enforcement when it comes to offshore drilling.  But a larger lesson is that no matter how much we improve our regulation of the industry, drilling for oil these days entails greater risk.  After all, oil is a finite resource.  We consume more than 20 percent of the world’s oil, but have less than 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves.  And that’s part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean — because we’re running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water.
For decades, we have known the days of cheap and easily accessible oil were numbered.  For decades, we’ve talked and talked about the need to end America’s century-long addiction to fossil fuels.  And for decades, we have failed to act with the sense of urgency that this challenge requires.  Time and again, the path forward has been blocked — not only by oil industry lobbyists, but also by a lack of political courage and candor.
The consequences of our inaction are now in plain sight.  Countries like China are investing in clean energy jobs and industries that should be right here in America.  Each day, we send nearly $1 billion of our wealth to foreign countries for their oil.  And today, as we look to the Gulf, we see an entire way of life being threatened by a menacing cloud of black crude.
We cannot consign our children to this future.  The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now.  Now is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash America’s innovation and seize control of our own destiny.
This is not some distant vision for America.  The transition away from fossil fuels is going to take some time, but over the last year and a half, we’ve already taken unprecedented action to jumpstart the clean energy industry.  As we speak, old factories are reopening to produce wind turbines, people are going back to work installing energy-efficient windows, and small businesses are making solar panels.  Consumers are buying more efficient cars and trucks, and families are making their homes more energy-efficient.  Scientists and researchers are discovering clean energy technologies that someday will lead to entire new industries.
Each of us has a part to play in a new future that will benefit all of us.  As we recover from this recession, the transition to clean energy has the potential to grow our economy and create millions of jobs -– but only if we accelerate that transition.  Only if we seize the moment.  And only if we rally together and act as one nation –- workers and entrepreneurs; scientists and citizens; the public and private sectors.
When I was a candidate for this office, I laid out a set of principles that would move our country towards energy independence.  Last year, the House of Representatives acted on these principles by passing a strong and comprehensive energy and climate bill –- a bill that finally makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy for America’s businesses.
Now, there are costs associated with this transition.  And there are some who believe that we can’t afford those costs right now.  I say we can’t afford not to change how we produce and use energy -– because the long-term costs to our economy, our national security, and our environment are far greater.
…Some have suggested raising efficiency standards in our buildings like we did in our cars and trucks.  Some believe we should set standards to ensure that more of our electricity comes from wind and solar power.  Others wonder why the energy industry only spends a fraction of what the high-tech industry does on research and development -– and want to rapidly boost our investments in such research and development.
All of these approaches have merit, and deserve a fair hearing in the months ahead.  But the one approach I will not accept is inaction.  The one answer I will not settle for is the idea that this challenge is somehow too big and too difficult to meet.  You know, the same thing was said about our ability to produce enough planes and tanks in World War II.  The same thing was said about our ability to harness the science and technology to land a man safely on the surface of the moon.  And yet, time and again, we have refused to settle for the paltry limits of conventional wisdom.  Instead, what has defined us as a nation since our founding is the capacity to shape our destiny -– our determination to fight for the America we want for our children.  Even if we’re unsure exactly what that looks like. Even if we don’t yet know precisely how we’re going to get there.  We know we’ll get there. [Emphasis added]

Beck was right about this: we don’t know what a post-fossil fuel world is going to look like. If Beck has his way, there won’t be a post-fossil fuel world. Instead the temperatures depicted in the graph above will continue to rise, energy will become increasingly expensive and according to many futurologists and the Pentagon, chaos will ensue.

Pick a future

Are we going to continue along the path of oil addiction, shortages after oil production has peaked and chaos, or do we support the President’s vision of an energy independent country that’s stable and lasting?

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Anonymous said...

I get ADD when I try to watch a Beck episode...along with a little nausea.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

I have to watch when my wife is not home or outside. She cannot stand listening to Beck.