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Sometimes Beck is right on the mark

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 well informed?

On Glenn Beck's show on Fox on 7/19/10, he announced that he had just learned about a program to assassinate Americans suspected of being involved in terrorism. He doesn't lie about everything; this information is months old as it was covered by MSNBC, including the clip he played of this targeting being discussed. This time, Beck's outrage did not seem over the top. Beck, the ACLU, critics on MSNBC and hopefully Beck's friend, Judge Napolitano all agree: this is wrong!

Judge Napolitano was in the news lately for "going rogue" on Fox by arguing that Bush and Cheney should have been indicted for their violation of the laws. It's a guess that he would argue against this "intelligence community" program. Call it a safe assumption.

What campaign promises?

This President has waged this struggle in largely the same manner as the previous Administration. Although "war" is not the best way to conceptualize fighting terrorism, they are still violating the Constitution as if the United States were at war. It has been pointed out previously in The Glenn Beck Review that war is the reason progressive Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt curtailed liberties, not the progressive government programs and laws designed to protect and help Americans.

That the current Administration has changed the language and described the struggle against the Muslim extremists in different terms than the previous Administration does not hide the facts that the President has abandoned virtually every campaign position he took against the Bush Administration's un-Constitutional approach to this "oversees contingency operation." Worse, this assassination strategy, although perhaps helpful in the struggle against our enemies, makes the Bush Administration's trampling of the Constitution seem tame by comparison. Media Matters for America has documented the extent to which Beck in this segment distorted the President's language on terrorism (see video below), but they have not addressed President Obama's willingness to assassinate an American citizen without a trial.

Beck expressed confusion about the Administration's War on Terror that's not a war on terror, but it's still sometimes called a war against terrorists. There is a contradiction in place. It's understandable that the Oval Office has changed Obama's perspective and understanding of what we're up against. It probably was conveyed to him within the first few days in details that the public should not know. National security is every American's business, but that always must involve struggling against knowledge about insecurities without access to that information. President Reagan once pulled a sheet of paper from his inside jacket pocket to "explain" one of his national security issues that he could not shared with the public. Will the explanation for this strategy of assassinating Americans suspected of involvement, citizens not proven guilty, be a blank piece of paper that Obama tucks away without disclosing its logic?

The President has not explained his changes in thinking to the American people, so Glenn Beck is not the only one confused about Obama continuing many of the Bush tactics and what has been known - by informed citizens - since February. The CIA is targeting suspected Americans involved in the struggle, the violent jihad, against US.

Two questions beg to be asked. The first one is for President Obama, who doesn't read this blog.
  1. Mr. President, why are you crossing this Constitutional line?
The second question is for Dr. Beck, who may be reading this blog. Beck has explained that different understandings of a single event can both be true from different perspectives after The Glenn Beck Review posted "What is the truth about Glenn Beck?" where multiple truths were presented depending upon people's values. The centered lines below used to read, "Unlike Beck's blog, free speech is practiced here." Now, Stu blog allows comments. 

On this reviewed episode, Beck was right on about other stands he took. He asked his viewers to take a pledge of non-violence. Beck declared the next 40 days and 40 nights between now and his Restoring Honor rally is to increase his supporters' faith, hope and charity. By faith, Beck was specific about getting on your knees to pray to God every day between now and his rally. Apparently some people are not invited to his rally, which is fine. It's his rally. 

By hope, he means truth and honesty. Hope doesn't mean truth, but again, right on Mr. Beck. When he stops deceiving his audience by quoting his opponents out of context in order to purposely misinterpret their words, when his guests are no longer people rewriting history with a policy agendas in mind, when he stops misrepresenting progressivism and Progressives and start criticizing them honestly, then he will be on his way to having the part of integrity that is defined as honesty.

If hope for Beck is truth, and he actually uses the next 40 days and 40 nights to turn a new leaf with regard to his own honesty, he will still have an important matter of integrity to attend to. The Glenn Beck Review has documented multiple examples of Beck making statements that go against his own principles. Listed in the Contents section of this blog are examples that range from free speech, to talking about the President's family, to the use of propaganda, to the use of the N word (Nazi) all the way to his biggest hypocrisy, his claim to tell the truth when he is the most dishonest person on all news networks in the United States. If any of Beck's supporters think they can document more dishonesty from another news/current events person, this blogger will be reading that blog.  The initiation of Olbermann Overview is encouraged. Hopefully, Beck uses the next 40 days and 40 nights to stop being a hypocrite.

Beck added that charity and trying to do what's kind are important. "Notice how blessed you are; be grateful." Who can take issue with this? 

Recently Beck has said, "I am a recovering dirt bag." Once again, Mr. Beck: right on. The Glenn Beck Review has recently been described by one of his guests as "quality control" for Glenn Beck. That is indeed the case except control involves feedback. There is no certainty that Beck reads this Review or that he will take these two primary ethical violations seriously and become a better Christian. On the other hand, more integrity would make him a more effective propagandist and a more serious figure, something that he longs for.

An honest and principled Glenn Beck won't solve all of his short comings, and there's not much Glenn Beck can do about the third primary charge levied against him by this Review except return to college and graduate this time. However honed his communication skills obviously are, Glenn Beck is not mentally qualified to do his job. Glenn Beck just found out about the assassination strategy being employed because he is not open to the news. Beck seems to get only right wing perspectives that filter out information. The second question then is:

        2. Mr. Beck, how can you and your supporters think of yourselves as well "informed?"  

Update, 5/8/11: Yesterday the United States made an attempt on Anwar al-Awlaki's life. See Glenn Greenwald's piece on the un-Constitutional effort to kill an American without due process, something even the Bush Administration did not do.

Before more people start tuning into Beck's 
CONvincing propaganda, 

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Lisa Houserman said...

What's so great about this blog is that you give credit where credit is due. This makes you probably one of the most honest people in any kind of media outlet! Very good as always. Also, I did work on the guest blog a bit but was not feeling well yesterday. Did not forget and am getting there. Thanks again for all of your hard work on these daily updates. I know that it takes a ton of research and it is so very appreciated.