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An open letter to Anthony Bradley for Glenn Beck

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On July 13, 2010, Glenn Beck's guest on his show, which attempted to explain black liberation theology and its influence on President Obama through his former pastor, Rev. Wright, was Christian theologian, Dr. Anthony Bradley. In the post on Beck's views of social justice, Bradley's conservative theory was mentioned as one that Beck could embrace if he weren't at war with the very idea of social justice. After an exchange of e-mails with Dr. Bradley trying to explain how Beck deceives his audience and exhibits blatant hypocrisy, Bradley posited that The Glenn Beck Review is a quality control for Glenn Beck.
Anthony Bradley
In response to Bradley's acute observation, the following e-mail was sent to him, and it's reprinted here in hopes that Bradley might yet serve as the missing element in quality control: feedback. As a Christian conservative and guest on Beck's show, Bradley is uniquely positioned to make Beck aware of his unethical deceit and hypocrisy.
Bradley wrote: "You're Glenn Beck quality control guy. Got it!"


Quality control involves feedback, so [The Glenn Beck Review is] only...quality control if someone provides the feedback.  Beck [has been invited] to read [The Glenn Beck Review] and [there is] a message for him as a top link should he actually read what [is being posted].

[The two] main moral points against Mr. Beck are that 1) he deceives as a matter of technique to make his point. He changes words used just to fit his narratives. He's made approximately three false claims a day [the] week [of July 12th], and that is dishonest. [The Review doesn't understand] his claim to having the moral high ground when he lies or defends an ignorant position. If you spend time reading my points about Mr. Beck, a leader of the Tea Party movement and his own 9-12 movement, you'll see that he makes crazy sounding claims. He claims that God is talking through him. No one can disprove that claim, so you can also read the analysis of the purpose for such a claim. It works for him like it works for Limbaugh. Create controversy. 

2) He is also unprincipled, [and by that what is meant is] hypocrisy because that's exactly what Beck demonstrates time and again. The Review has it documented. Anthony, either explain ... how that makes Beck a good Christian or become an intermediary who advises him to tighten up his own honor before marching off to Washington to restore this country's honor. 

[The Review has posted] that Beck should read this blog, but there are only hints that he actually is. For example, when [the Review] was on, statistics indicated how [The Review] - pointing to his site - could be statistically registered in his blog stats. (Read the 3-in -1 Beck post. It covers [the] three main issues with Mr. Beck: deceit, hypocrisy and [the] ignorance that comes from cherry picking facts that suit a narrative. Higher education does develop the mind in ways that Beck clearly lacks. Beck and Rush Limbaugh are the prime examples of extreme [reactionary] bias and mental underdevelopment.) 

[The Review] used to end [all] posts with "Unlike Glenn Beck's blog, free speech is practiced here." Now ["Unlike Glenn Beck's blog" is left] off,... [because Beck, it seems, got the message. His blog and website allows comments now. The Review] leaves plenty of comments as of late on his website. He's changed, and he is dynamic in his passions. He seems to some to be approaching the announcement that he is a saint or the return of Jesus. [In The Glenn Beck Review's analysis, it is] all hype, well practiced controversy.

[There are ways which The Glenn Beck Review] may not be able to help Beck. One example comes readily to mind. In graduate school is when [historians should] learn to not cherry pick the facts from history that serve to make [their] case for some position. Glenn Beck does not even try to let history tell its story instead of the other way around. It's just a discipline that he lacks; it doesn't make him bad or even an opponent necessarily. It just makes him unqualified to be doing what he's doing: teaching. This won't change even if he should become honorable with the facts and his principles. He's disrespectful and leery of higher education. 

[Beck is] uneducated; there's nothing to do about that except for him to attend a university. He claims that he's qualified to name his online "education" Glenn Beck University. He calls it that, again, to create controversy, not because he thinks it's a university although he may hope so someday. That is [the Review's] take on his method of communication, one of the three focuses of The Glenn Beck Review.

[The Review suspects that] someone near him is reading [this] blog, but he's not understanding that Beck can be fact checked and many people are doing that to him and his guests. Facts actually don't matter much to his following. Glenn Beck uses truthiness, but tells his viewers otherwise. [It is astonishing] to use that new word in a sentence, but there it is. [Stephen Colbert] coined [the word] "truthiness." It's the blend of extreme bias and playing loose with the facts.

Before your comment above, [it has been] considered how much more worthy Beck would be as an opponent of the left if The Glenn Beck Review is used as quality control. Also, he has said that he's "a recovering dirt bag." [The Review] agree[s]. This country and Glenn Beck need that recovery to continue sooner rather than later. Tell him that hypocrites are dirt bags. He'll listen to you [perhaps]. From what [is] on your social justice article, he should be. You [two] are aligned on your views of social justice. By and large [The Review] agrees with much of what you lay out. 

...[T]hink about what [is being] suggested. [There is] no ego in this, no income prospects should Beck suddenly stop deceiving. He needs to continue being a liar and a hypocrite for [there to be any] income [possible] from [The Review]

Highly educated people [like you] know that focus trains and specializes the mind. [A lot has been learned] researching claims that don't sound right. Review mentor, Stephen David Ross, explained this as Lesson 8 in the essay "What is the truth about Glenn Beck" The truth about Glenn Beck is the first important essay [the blogger] written in a generation. It may be the most important argument [the blogger has] ever made. You'll understand that chaos and violence are not where [The Glenn Beck Review] coming from. The truth expressed there is yellow. [It has been argued that] Beck is a yellow propagandist, but he has changed this year and backed away from the more obviously seditious rhetoric. He's open to changing his style and bias (further and closer to the extremist direction). He may take feedback from someone he trusts if he can figure out how to stop deceiving his audience. That's not going to be easy, but he's a dirt bag for doing this. He can make his Libertarian arguments without misleading [his viewers] by twisting pieces of the President's press conference to completely remove from the actual context to paint an absurd, communist hell (equality). That's how he deceives. He's sneaky and deceitful. [It is unclear] what Jesus he believes in, but the son of man [in the Bible] would not appreciate someone loose and slippery with the facts and even hypocritical about his own honesty! It's all documented on [this] blog. Glenn Beck needs moral guidance...Beck is a man of ill repute, not sexually, but [with regard to] his integrity and honor. 

[H]is political ideology can [not] win in the market place of ideas, but his dishonesty and lack of integrity just make him a clown more than a Christian. Maybe you disagree. He is not an honorable man yet, Christian or otherwise. You could help. You're in a unique position to help.

[Almost everyone] resists criticism; it threatens our beliefs. If [people are] genuinely open to the facts, uncolored by truth (your truth, The Review's truth, Beck's truth, anyone's truth except [from] what [is] known from direct experience), the facts will prevail. Unfortunately, [people are] dependent upon the media to tell ... the story where facts become a truthful (or not) story. This "recovering dirt bag" is an influential figure. In the name of Jesus Christ, help him become better at his job and better as a person. [S]omeone who claims to oppose racism should [not] be race-baiting the President, but he does that often enough. [T]hat borders on hypocrisy, but [it it not evident that] Glenn Beck is self aware enough to realize when he's saying something that goes against his own principles. He is even hypocritical about the freedom of speech [which The Review has] documented.

If you had not pointed this out, this would sound vain. All Glenn Beck has to do [to further his recovery] is read [this] blog. [He is called] a liar and a hypocrite a lot, but [that is] just using the words alloted by our language [to describe his character]. He accuses bloggers of name calling. In addition to liar and hypocrite, he's a yellow propagandist in a hypocritical way. Yellow in this context relates to yellow journalism....

The hypocrisy is bad, but he has every right to practice yellow propaganda as [The Review does] to practice media criticism. [Yellow propaganda is] as bad as the yellow journalism that pushed [the United States] into a war for no real reason when it was being utilized...against Spain. [The Review has] also call[ed] Beck a megalomaniac. His rhetoric supports that name, but [it is] open to debate. Just look at his long record of self-

aggrandizement before you take the new relationship with God as an issue to defend. [The blogger is] not a psychologist, but [has] studied under Ron Harre, author of Social Being. [The Review is] not taking an uneducated guess because  megalomania [is detected] in his rhetoric. [This blogger] also studied [Rom Harre's]  Personal Being, so don't think there's a collective bias in his texts. He understands being human with unique and insightful approaches.

Personal Being: A Theory for Individual Psychology
Anthony, if you should choose to serve as the feedback that helps Mr. Beck and our country, [you should] tread lightly. [It sometimes seems like] he wants to become a better person, but [it] would [be wise to] only discuss one topic at a time with Beck. Let him ponder and change his ways or not. [The Review doesn't] [seek] to change his political bias; that notion is absurd! [The Review is] trying to make an honest man out of Glenn Beck before basketball season. [You should] start with the hypocrisy. That should be the easiest for him to stop. He apologized for it on Memorial Day weekend; he just needs to stop violating [the remainder of] his own stated principles.

For the love of God help this "dirt bag" messenger. Beck says that he's passing along God's message, but he's not morally qualified at this stage in his career. He needs salvation, or [The Glenn Beck Review is] going to remain devoted to exposing him as a fraud, Christian and otherwise. You can pass that along to him if you think it'll help make your case. Let him know that [The Review is] just getting started [with] him, but [this blogger would] rather watch [the] Syracuse Orange this winter. Either he stops using deception and practices moral consistency rather than expediency, or [The Glenn Beck Review is] going to ... use him as an avenue to a new career as a writer of politics. Beck doesn't want this either...The last thing Beck should want is to have Victor Tiffany become a career author with an expertise on everything Glenn Beck. If he wants [The Glenn Beck Review] to fad back into the woodwork, he's got to clean up his act, morally. Where did Jesus preach for deception and hypocrisy? 

[The Review] has a following, small but quickly growing... Tell him that [The Review is] not asking for the moon or for him to change his political philosophy or faith. Tell him -  as an act of your love for him - that deceit and hypocrisy are not becoming for a Christian.  Convince him of that, and the nation will be in your debt.


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