Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Black Panther Party to confront Beck at Rally

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Glenn Beck found out today that Press Secretary Robert Gibbs doesn't 
watch his show.From his radio show on 7/8/10, Beck and his producer, 
Stu, discuss a recent question asked of Gibbs by a Mediaite reporter, 
Tommy Christopher. Transcribed from Beck's website:

GLENN: I want to play the 8/28 question that came up at the White House press briefing yesterday. Here it is.
  REPORTER: Second question. Does the president have any reaction to Glenn Beck's August 28th rally which some are taking as an insult to Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech? Has the president said anything to you about that?
  GIBBS: I've not seen — let me go back and see what Glenn Beck has said. I just — you are going to be surprised but I don't spend an inordinate amount of my time watching them.
  REPORTER: I understand that the permit is under review right now at the National Park Service for using the Lincoln Memorial to do a rally on the steps.
  GIBBS: I will check that out.
  GLENN: Let's go through this. First of all, Robert, you don't spend an inordinate amount of time with the Glenn Beck program. I'm sure you don't, watching it. Is that because you have all the George Soros funded people just monitoring and is that — is that how — do you just get a briefing on it? Because boy, it sure seems like you guys spend an awful lot of time worrying. The 8/28 rally, really interesting. Now, who is taking this as an affront to the Martin Luther King speech?
"You guys spend an awful lot of time worrying"? Really? This Administration doesn't is not concerned about Glenn Beck or his followers. More will be given about this on an upcoming post, "Why Beck's red phone doesn't ring."
GLENN: Wouldn't it be interesting to see what those some people are? Because from what I understand according to, according to some reports that I got last night, I haven't seen the exact words myself, but some are the Black Panthers. Some are the Black Panthers. It's very interesting. And there's the usual suspects that are upset about this. It's, boy, you are going to be so disappointed when you see what is happening on the Lincoln Memorial.morial. 
Listen for yourself
On the Mediaite news blog, Christopher showed a video of New Black Panther Party Chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz provided more information about how they are going to deal with the Restoring Honor rally.
Malik Zulu Shabazz Will Beck back down and cancel his Restoring Honor rally? If not, will the racist, Black Panthers show up? If they do, will there be violence or peaceful confrontation? Return to The Glenn Beck Review daily for updates on this suspenseful thriller. UPDATE: Beck responds to Shabazz' declaration to show up at the Restoring Honor Rally. From his website: GLENN: He is threatening to come to 8/28, and we're getting a lot of mail from people saying, Glenn, you've asked to bring our families. Yes, I have. You are going to have to decide. What's happening with 8/28 is the Black Panthers are intentionally, and so is I believe the media, the ones that are in line with this administration. This administration doesn't have its fingerprints on any of this, as it never does. But it is, I believe, coordinated through the Center For American Progress or Van Jones or however they want to do it. This is not an isolated incident. They are threatening to come and disrupt 8/28. Well, there's no difference between these people who are threatening to kill you and those who are in Al Qaeda who are threatening to kill you. You, each of us, have a choice. I have told you before. We're entering different times. You have to know what you believe. This is — these are no longer times where you, you know, hoist a flag and fly it over your head and say, yeah, USA, USA. That's — those times are past. Those are sunshine patriot days.   The sun is behind some clouds right now. So you have to decide, what do you really believe? What is worth standing for? They are trying to depress the numbers that show up at 8/28. This is their intent. Will they show up? Will there be confrontation? Will they be confrontational? If they show up, I guarantee you they will be poking and poking and poking and trying to get someone to react. I beg that no one would. Because it's exactly what they want. Then they have a reason. Then they have an excuse.    Martin Luther King believed if you put hatred right next to those who are — have the steely resolve for the rights of all man, equal rights of all man, America will see the difference between the two and they will reject one. But the people that were in the 1960s, they lived in a different time. They've gone through a lot more than what any tea partier has gone through, what I have ever gone through in my life. They have been hardened for a while.   They also had more anger in them, I think, because they had reason to have more anger. They did it. The question is, will you or should you? I believe — I haven't seen a budget in a while but I believe the biggest expense on 8/28 — and it's in the hundreds of thousands of dollars — is security. This is the — this is the nation's capital. I will tell you that the next meeting we have, just because it's scheduled this way is with Secret Service. The best and the brightest will be there. We are unfortunately having to live in a world where we have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security. Should you be there? That's your call. I will just ask that you again discover what you truly believe. Find out why you believe it. Find out what your place is in all of this. What is your mission? What is your duty? What is your honor? The things you are honored to do? And then do those things. If that includes standing with me shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, locked in arms and peacefully assembling to speak our mind about God and about the truth of this nation, not about politics but about the universal truths of this nation, then I ask you to join me August 28 at the feet of another man who gave his life for universal truth. Abraham Lincoln. 
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