Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday's "Founders Friday", but first a message of propaganda II

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Undermining the founding fathers?
Monday's Friday is a paradox or at least a contradiction, but Beck is calling the shots about what gets reviewed. This is The Review of his July 5th show that, Beck announces, is going to be a review of the best of his founding father's focus on Fridays. Once again, he must be thinking that someone new, someone who may not already know, someone with nothing better to do on a day off from work than to check out this Beck guy
that people keep laughing at and talking about had nothing better to do on a day off from work than to tune into his show. He has to go down his list of his grievances against progressives just in case there is someone watching who has not heard this before.

Why is Beck discussing the two first progressive presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson? Because, he whispers about Wilson, "I hate him." He's also listing his bogus grievances because he's engaging, not just teaching about selected characteristic of the founders' character; he's a masterful propagandist and uses his guests to revise history. Beck is obsessed about the people of the political strips (liberals and progressives) who use the control of government to solve problems. He calls progressivism a cancer in America.

Beck claims what progressives have done to "transform America" are:"
  1. Undermine faith and religion by making "social justice" part of the Christian creed.
  2. Undermine the Constitution
  3. Undermine our founding fathers, words he capitalizes.
Addressing point one, Beck added that progressives "couldn't get America to really go for it. They couldn't control Americans. They got into our faith and religion. They perverted it. They controlled it. They convinced us that we shouldn't be faith going people."

The Glenn Beck Review addressed Beck's first claim when he made it back in April with the maiden post entitled "Does Glenn Beck lie? Volume I" was added later. Beck doesn't support his accusations with any facts. He just points his finger at progressives and makes baseless claims that his critics show the absurdity of.

Regarding point 2, Beck claims that progressives have worked to undermine the Constitution. This is coming from a "thinker" who argues that the Constitution is supported by faith, hope and charity. Apparently, Beck does not know the role of the Supreme Court, which is to uphold the Constitution. See: "Glenn Beck: thinker, pundit or charlatan."  The current Supreme Court is the most conservative in the last hundred years, but that's not enough for Beck. He has talked smack about Supreme Court nominee, Elena Keegan. For more, see: "Beck on war, weasels and Elena Keegan."

Beck's third claim that progressives have undermined the founding fathers is an interesting claim. Beck wants his viewers to believe that there is not wall of separation between church and state, that our founders wanted the U.S. to be a Christian state. To that end, he has "hostorian" David Barton on his Founders Fridays often. Last Friday Barton made a remarkable claim about historical revisionism that proved bogus. See "David Barton's revisionist claim is bogus."

Finally, one has to wonder what version of the New Testament Glenn Beck reads. While Beck is raking in millions of dollars a year and seeks to increase his take by starting his new online "Beck University," he's a tool of the wealthy and their corporations. It's very clear from even a casual reading of the New Testament that Jesus was on the side of the poor, not the wealthy. The religious support for social justice does not come from progressives or Marxists as Beck would have viewers believe; it comes from the reported words of Jesus Christ!

Beck comes across like a pious and righteous Christian, but he has about the same chance, according the his Messiah, of getting to heaven as a camel does of passing through the eye of a needle. This is elaborated on "What would Jesus say about Glenn Beck?"

Who is undermining the founding fathers of the United States, progressives or Glenn Beck's reactionary, yellow propaganda? This isn't the first time he's delayed discussion about the founders of America to make absurd, baseless claims against progressives, and it's unlikely to be his last.
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Anonymous said...

It's simple to undermine Beck's assertion Progressives are ruining this country. It was Progressives, both Republican and Democrat, who secured the right for women to vote. It was progressives who made racist policies illegal. It was Progressives who instituted the don't ask, don't tell policies in the armed forces. It was Progressives who instituted the handicap policies currently enforced in the country. It was Progressives who started the environmental movement that helps to ensure our rivers no longer catch fire, that smog is reduced so people can breath, and our lands proteced from total destruction by businesses that could care less.

So without Progressives, women would not vote, blacks would still be sitting in the back of the bus and/or being hung like strange fruit with no consequence, Los Angeles would be hidden behind a thick vail of smog, and we could cook our fish at the samr time we caught them, if we even dared eat them.

No, Beck is a proponent of obfuscate and incite, knows what he's doing, and could care less if he incites people to take physical action, because, one: he can; and two: he's lining his bank account. So what does he really think of this country? Evidently not much.

Lisa Houserman said...

Excellent as usual. I'm so glad you are focusing on this insane founder Friday jazz. I am truly worried that people will be taken in by this revisionism. As I've told you before, I used to be a fan of Beck's and was kind of brainwashed by some of his stuff until religion seemed to take over his every show. Very nice job as always of debunking this guy. Keep up the wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

You want to debunk Glenn Beck, but every link to back up your story leads to more posts on your own site? Gonna need more than that...

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Keep reading. There are plenty of links to outside sources needed to prove my points on those other posts. I don't need to keep doing the same research over and over; once I have proven something, I link back to it. It's actually a common practice on blogs.