Friday, July 2, 2010

Joel Rogers’ one word answer exposes Beck’s Crime Inc.

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One Word Says It All – Joel Rogers:


Glenn Beck has been harping on an elaborate “criminal syndicate” that he’s dubbed Crime, Inc. for the last month. The central character in this supposed conspiracy is Joel Rogers, a Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin Law School and co-founder of the Apollo Alliance. On his May 1st show, Beck dubbed Rogers the “wizard” behind Crime Inc.

Rogers, Joel

Previously The Review has covered Rogers’ explanation of the video clip Beck often shows, and Beck’s accusation that Rogers is a Marxist. (See Beck’s “Crime Inc.” continued: On Joel Rogers.)  Recently The Review asked Professor Rogers if Glenn Beck, any one of Beck’s 10 researchers, or anyone from Fox News has contacted him to ask about the allegations Beck is making regarding this alleged crime syndicate. Rogers’ one word answer conveys volumes about Beck’s real interest in the actual facts behind Crime Inc. or specifically its “wizard,”Professor Rogers. Rogers answer:


Why would Beck spend so much time trying to expose a criminal conspiracy without actually asking questions of the main character behind it? The Review can only guess: it would seem that actual facts or Rogers’ answers would interfere with the fictional story Beck has been trying to tell: namely, that Cap and Trade is a big scam with one and only one purpose, to redistribute wealth from developed countries (specifically from Beck’s viewers) to underdeveloped countries.

This neglect on Beck’s part strongly indicates that Glenn Beck is a fraud out to undermine intelligent discussion of climate change and Cap and Trade, cast doubts on the need to reduce greenhouse gasses and undermine support for a political response to climate change.

But wait: This is not the whole story.

Beck’s regular viewers know that Beck often bemoans how the mainstream media, and specifically the NY Times, ignores his accusations. “Nobody in the mainstream media looks into any of this,” he whines. Beck accuses bloggers critical of him of not checking into his allegations, and of “just name calling.”

The Review wants to know why anyone should bother researching allegations that Beck himself can’t be bothered to investigate. It’s not like the $32 million man can’t afford to hire a journalist and a camera person to fly out to Wisconsin to query Rogers. Joel Rogers has a phone and an e-mail account; there is no excuse Beck can offer for his utter indifference to obtaining the facts about his Crime Inc. allegations.

Why should mainstream media, including Fox News, bother looking into any of the many allegations Beck makes on his show, when Beck himself can’t be bothered to investigate the individuals that he points his finger at?

The Review has detailed the lies Beck has told. The Review has detailed 6 examples of Beck’s hypocritical behavior in the month of May alone (the last one he actually apologized for). Now The Review exposes another example of Beck’s fraudulent methodologies; not supporting the reports conveyed on his show. Glenn Beck does not check into his own allegations - he only throws mud!

The Review calls Beck names precisely because The Review does check into his claims, integrity and accusations. Beck is a liar, a hypocrite and a charlatan.


People, especially his loyal supporters, need to read this, need to know this, need to understand this. With that in mind…
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