Friday, July 2, 2010

Is Beck’s hypocrisy peaking This May?

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Originally posted May 28, 2010

…or is he always insincere?

This week on his radio show Glenn Beck demonstrated once again that he seems to either not care about having even a shred of piety or he just does not pay attention to what comes out of his mouth over the course of one broadcast.

First Beck took the high ground when he talked about a blogger moving into the house next to Sarah Palin:

This is harassment. This is stalking and harassment. There’s different. Leave my family, leave people’s families alone. I don’t think I’ve ever, I made this when it was Bill Clinton.[sic] You don’t go after Chelsea Clinton. You don’t talk about the Bush kids…You leave the families alone. We’ve never done anything but protect the families…leave the families alone.

Later in the same broadcast,

Beck: Did nobody hear Jeremiah Wright? The kids never came home and said, “Hey, Jews are destroying the world….”

Maybe he was sick that day

Does Beck believe that his supporters and fans are so indifferent to someone having integrity, showing stupidity or exhibiting immorality that he can repeatedly show an utter lack of moral consistency and believe that it doesn’t matter to them? Apparently so.

Beck again attacked the President's family on the next day and later apologized for it. He claimed his wife scolded him for doing so.

In case the reader believes this to be some sort of anomaly, this is the 6th example of hypocrisy Beck has demonstrated just this month! The Glenn Beck Review is conveying the message and inviting conservatives and reactionaries to read and decide for themselves: is this the man they want to represent their point of view, their dissent against big government?

It’s hard to imagine Satan himself choosing a better suited individual to undermine the progress toward responsible governance. Maybe Beck is a Godsend for progressives.

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There are comments on blogs and story boards insisting that Beck is not a hypocrite. There are people reading Beck’s books because their parents are strongly recommending them. The Glenn Beck march backward is taken lightly by conservativesliberals and progressives at the peril of America. Unless the readers – YOU – believe that the power or influence of the vested interests and the ultra-wealthy should rule, that we should have a plutocracy that would result from Beck’s preference of minimalist government protections, then please, pass this URL along in e-mails with a note to pass this along to others.   
   Get involved.

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