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Glenn Beck's campaign speech ignores news, defies reality

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On his Fox show of July 26th, Beck highlighted some of the comments made about him at the Netroots Nation Conference in Las Vegas, NV over last weekend. He posits that as a point, a movement to contrast for Americans to make a choice about; but first he showed the interview on Fox with Gov. Howard Dean when he said, "I think Fox News did something that was absolutely racist...and [the Sherrod video] was about to go on Glenn Beck, which is what the Administration was afraid of."

Beck mocked the idea that people could know what is going to be on his show, and indeed he didn't mention Sherrod on the 19th. Instead he covered a story he had just heard about that was in fact over six months old. On the 26th, Beck seems to be waiting a few months to cover the most important story on the minds of actual journalists, the WikiLeaks release of the documents showing how badly the war in Afghanistan is going. Beck had an ax to grind against Dean and all those progressives arrayed against him in Las Vegas.

The following is a speech he gave to claim that America is at a turning point, a moment of choice, an odd selection of wording for someone who opposes choice in reproductive planning. Beck's words are in red, and the dialogical responses of The Glenn Beck Review are in blue. This is not a deconstruction; Beck's words are not worthy of that philosophical movement's efforts.
Beck pontificates

So what is this really all about America? What is the real issue here? Cause it's not racism. This issue is choice as it always is. It's choice.  We must choose now. Now is the time. Do we choose those who create fear, limit choices, lie, cheat, steal? Do we stand with ACORN, Communist revolutionaries, Black Panthers, union thugs, or do we stand with the truth?

Beck is right, it's not racism. Dean's choice of wording opened the door for Beck to avoid "the real issue" which is Fox "News" and Beck's incessant race-baiting. If there is someone creating fear, limiting choices and lying, it's Glenn Beck. Race baiting is "... a means of implying that racism is a motive in the actions of others towards the race being baited, where none in fact exists." Glenn Beck and Fox are constantly implying that racism is a motive in the President's actions or motives. How often has Beck warned against reparations? Beck specializes in creating fear, and was deemed the fear-monger-in-chief last year by the Anti-Defamation League. The "Communist revolutionary" Beck depicted behind him was Van Jones. If Van Jones is a "Communist," the Glenn Beck is still a drunk.  The idea that Glenn Beck stands with the "truth" is laughable on the face of it. Readers who need convincing of Beck's deceit should check out the category of Beck's false claims in the contents of this blog. If that long list of proven deceits is not enough to convince anyone that Beck plays loose and fast with facts, then they are wasting their time here. This Review is for the open minded.

Cops. Your church. Small business men and women. Moms and dads who are just doing their best to make sure their kid has a decent education. Parents that fear America's best days are behind her because [raising his voice] the powerful forces of greed and corruption are [louder] blocking the road to individual freedom. Individual faith, responsibility. [More intensely] Individual responsibility, inventiveness. Blocking us from volunteering.

The most powerful forces of greed and corruption are large corporations, but Beck knows who pays his bills. He doesn't address how they block the road to survival and prosperity in the name of putting profit before people. Who is preventing people from volunteering?  Beck often says things that make absolutely no sense, and this is just one example.

This is the same choice. Man has always been at this place. They've asked us to make this choice over and over and over again. In the 18th century we've made the choice. We said no to a king that was in bed with special interests and didn't care about the people.

Beck cares mostly about...his income.

[Referring to Lincoln depicted behind him] In the 1850s, the most unlikely of heroes stood with people of faith to right the wrongs of the past. When both parties were corrupted, this man began a new one, [louder yet] the Republican Party. A name back then that had meaning. After we ... had that bloody battle, they tried to make us choose again during Reconstruction, and that time we almost failed. We got so lost, and then Wilson and FDR. Each time they made us choose. They weakened the system.

Beck has supporters who feel the South should have been allowed to secede from the Union, but that is another post. How Wilson and and FDR weakened the system is not clear other than they were progressive presidents and Beck thinks progressivism is a cancer for America. Isn't every election about a choice?

In the 60's they stole our grandparent's children and those that had the most and had done the least began to conspired on how to destroy our children's inheritance. And here we stand. We stand at that epic choice. Do we let man finally conquer the American Spirit, or do we [even louder] stand again and shake off the ever-forming chains? Reclaim our rightful place by picking up our [stressing his voice] God given responsibilities to make sure that man continues to crawl from the swamp to the stars.

What Beck calls "chains" are protections set up to protect the American people for the greed, excesses, and abuses of unregulated Capitalism. A safety net that protects people from starvation and homelessness is for Beck and other Conservatives a form of slavery. It may work well as a rhetorical device, but the logic fails on the face of it. The roll of government is to protect life, liberty and property.

[Loudly as an orator] Stand. STAND, FOR YOU ARE MAN. And what is more, you are an American. Let them cry racism. Let them cry it all day long. I ask you to stand and cry freedom. All men. All races. Freedom! Freedom from want. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. Freedom from a monolithic, faceless bureaucracy that makes that choice for you. It's the same story over and over and over again throughout history. Make a choice. [Softer now] And they usually fool you because they dress it up.

Beck and other reactionaries have painted the comprehensive health care bill, which puts limits on how the health care insurance companies can abuse their customers, as restricting freedom. This does curb the corporate bureaucracies choices, and Beck time and again stands with corporate America as he conveys that he's standing with his audience, some of whom would have been allowed to die by the death panels at the insurance companies that have dropped claimants when their health costs threaten company profits. Again, Beck supports profits before people.

How many slave owners put a happy face on taking men's freedom away? "Oh, we're helping them. Oh, they'll never be able to be on their own. Oh they'll die without me." Fredrick Douglas understood a kind and benevolent slave owner [getting louder again] is still only a slave owner. We solved this fundamental question. [Louder] We solved it how many times? [Increasing volume] We never solved it completely [yelling] BUT WE'VE ANSWERED THE QUESTION. WE MADE THE CHOICE A HUNDRED YEARS AGO, but the evils of man have conspired to form a new chain. A new chain, again, is benevolent. One of help and handouts and health care, but it is a chain around our neck nonetheless.

Beck knows that rich people like him will bear the burden of forthcoming tax increases, but he very successfully has his audience believing that the middle classes and the poor who the health care bill was passed to protect will wear "chains." If Beck were ever on the need end of "handouts," he might possess something that he clearly lacks: empathy.

This is your choice. Kiss the hand that feeds you, or fight for your right to eat and sleep, work and worship as you wish. [Loudly] Man must speak while man can speak.

The only one on Beck's show who suggested that free speech should be curtailed is Glenn Beck. See "What does Glenn Beck have against dissidents."

I have to tell you, I've learned an awful lot in the last 12 months. I've learned an awful lot. The world seemed a lot more simple even 12 months ago.

Glenn Beck missed his opportunity to grasp the complexities of our world when he dropped out of Yale many years from now.

They're not going to drag me down to this level. [Quiet now] I've made mistakes in the past, but I have to tell you something, I uh, I have learned a lot. We don't need to call people names. We don't have to. Their words are evidence enough. They cannot make the argument in the open. They know no man of any color would choose to be enslaved, so they have to lie. They have to cheat.

Why does Beck call people names if he doesn't need to? If anyone is guilty of lying on the Glenn Beck Show, again, it's Glenn Beck. Protection from starvation and homelessness (social programs) are not the same as slavery unless you hate poor people or the taxes needed to protect people.

I don't think that those in power and those who seek even more power are racists. As I have come to understand that racist is too small of a word. I believe these people will enslave any man. It doesn't matter what color they are. It doesn't matter what party they're in. In the end, if America chooses this new path, mark my words, [voice quivering] all knees shall bend and all heads will bow to a new earthly king.

Powerful rhetoric, but it us just more fear-mongering, campaign style. Clearly Beck is gearing up for the midterm elections. Expect more of this framing of the choice people will make this year. Expect reframing of the same choices here on The Glenn Beck Review. Glenn Beck is the perfect straw man.

The story that we are seeing unfold is the oldest story around. It is a story as old as man himself. To make this about me or make this about the President is to [louder] mock the point at history at which we find ourselves. We are small and insignificant. [Loudly] The choice is monumental and universal. Once again we find ourselves in the same point with the same choice and someone saying choose.

[Softer] We have. Over and over, but because we're human. We're flawed, and we never quite get it right. But in the past, we've always been moving forward. We've always been standing more erect.

If Beck has his way, the Republic will begin moving backward toward the past. That's what reactionaries like Beck want. Beck is a 19th Century conservative.

I believe again that Americans will draw the line between them and those who currently hold the keys that control the force of the greatest, most powerful nation on Earth. [with loud emphasis] That force they have behind them. Those who would be our self-appointed kings. Those who would blaspheme our sacred American ideals while they cry racism.

If there is anyone around who blasphemes our sacred American ideals, it is Beck's frequent guest and historical revisionist, David Barton. If there are self-appointed "kings" in America, it is the captains of industry and moguls like Beck's boss, Rupert Murdoch.

[Softer] Americans will humbly stand together in the fire of God's truth, and once again cry freedom.

How about a round of applause for one of America's most convincing public speakers? Of course, those convinced, those standing in the fire of God's truth, those who will, "once again cry freedom" are the few million people that take the words of a liar, hypocrite and charlatan seriously. Yes, Mr. Beck; this IS about you, not your audience. 

Later in this episode, Beck proclaimed that "truth will set you free." Mr. Beck, we're still waiting for you to exercise some discipline on this concept and set yourself free. When Glenn Beck stays with the truth and stops making false claims and telling flat out lies, he will only then be close to God. Beck is a self-proclaimed "recovering dirt bag," and he has a long road to travel. Meanwhile, the real pundits are focused on actual current events.

Before more people start tuning into Beck's 
CONvincing propaganda, 
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