Friday, July 2, 2010

Glenn Beck: really?

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Does Beck Make Criticism Easy?
You decide.

Glenn Beck started his 6/9/10 show on Fox talking about language, nasty language that he warned kids not to listen to. It was so bad, that his show was going to have to beep it out. What word was so terrible that Beck was so put off by? When the President told Matt Lauer that he was talking to people down there “to find out who’s ___ to kick.” Gasp!

Glenn Beck is appalled by the President saying the word ass!

Note: Beck did not have the word beeped out on his 6/8/10 show.

Beck has “never heard a President say that before.”  President Obama is angry;and Beck needs to get off his self-righteous, high horse about Obama’s metaphor of kicking ass. But he won’t. Beck will keep calling for the pursuit of justice, but that–even the most casual observer can tell--is what the President means by “ass to kick.” The Review suspects that Beck knows this too, but his show will be more entertaining if he feigns being appalled.

This is part of Glenn Beck’s ‘gift’

President Obama is expressing  anger about this mess in the Gulf, and Beck should be too. Unfortunately Beck is so hung up about what Progressives have done to “his” country  97 years ago that he can’t even mention what a private interest, BP, is actually doing to our country now as we breath. That doesn’t fit into his anti-government/anti-Obama narrative.

Just How Far Right is Beck’s Audience?

If Glenn Beck is addressing people he thinks are upset with the President for using “that kind of language,” then his supporters are as far out of the main stream as Mormons in fact are. Are Beck and his supporters, most of the Tea Party and of course his 9/12 tools anywhere near middle America?
They might be middle class (Beck excluded), but if they are bothered by the President talking about kicking ass as a metaphor for seeing that justice is done swiftly, can their choices for public office really be “centrist?”

Are centrist Americans really that uptight?


Update: 6/10/10:

On his show tonight, Beck claimed that “it doesn’t bother me about the swear word.” OH? It sure did last night!

Beck spent the rest of the show tonight showing and telling viewers who that comment–the President made–was addressed to: radicals and revolutionaries! (Long story.) Of course he would think that. He doesn’t watch mainstream media. The President was under pressure to show some emotion and passion about this oil spill from many directions including polls numbers. Bill O’Reilly told Beck this on his show,  The O’Reilly Factor.

As usual, Beck was a) wrong about the facts and b) ranting about revolutionaries in America to scare his viewers. The President was conveying to everyone that he is angry at BP and whomever else caused this disastrous oil spill in the Gulf. Only the uptight were offended by his expression. That included last night’s Glenn Beck. Not so much with today’s Glenn Beck.

The Review can’t wait to hear Beck disparage someone for  ”flip flopping.”

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