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Documenting Glenn Beck's false claims:

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In the previous post, "The week in summary: Beck redefines words," fifteen false claims for the week of July 11th were documented. In an ongoing effort to demonstrate to Glenn Beck's supporters that he plays loose and fast with the facts, the following are more of the documented false statements he's made. was the 2009 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for their fact checking prowess.

Some on the right claim that has a bias to the left, but PolitiFact calls out anyone who is wrong with a claim. This is apparent on their list of statements made by pundits. The first one currently listed is Keith Olbermann who stated, "Subsidies for oil and gas companies make up 88 percent of all federal subsidies. Just cutting the oil and gas subsidies out would save the U.S. government $45 billion every year.PolitiFact ranked this as "False" because "He muffs two statistics in two sentences"

PolitiFact's analysis of Glenn Beck's statements

The following are the false statements as documented by them on their "All statements involving Glenn Beck" page:

This list is by no means exhaustive. For more on Beck's systematic mangling of the facts, click on the "Contents" button at the top and review the largest category of posts on The Glenn Beck Review, Beck's false claims:

PolitiFact's language, Pants on fire, false, barely true and half true correspond to the concentric circles around the mandala of truth that is explained on "What is the truth about Glenn Beck" and shown below.

truth mandala

The concentric circles surrounding the mandala designate various degrees of distance from the truth. Moving away from the truth are white lies (half true), to lies (barely true), to false accusations (false) out to whoppers (pants on fire), the outer ring.

tool maker

The issue of this and the previous post is not that Beck never tells the truth or that when he does tell the truth, it has a reactionary spin on the facts. Spinning facts to comport with one's values and understanding is part of the human condition. The issue of Glenn Beck's deceit is that he combines fact and some degree of a lie to tell deceitful stories about his foes. That is not part of the Christian condition. The systematic efforts of Glenn Beck to deceive his viewers are un-Christian, and that makes Beck a hypocrite when he tries to convey his Christian authority and his moral righteousness.

The danger

Beck's supporters, who are unwilling or unable to grasp this chink in Beck's armor, are gullible tools in the construction of his media empire. Using lies and deceit to increase his personal wealth is nefarious enough. Lying about the President as a staple for fooling some of the people all of the time to advance a reactionary agenda is close to criminal and an assault on this nation and its founding principles.

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