Friday, July 2, 2010

A challenge to Glenn Beck’s supporters

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Prove that Beck…

is NOT a liar.

The Glenn Beck Review has documented many examples of Glenn Beck deviating from the facts, often straying so far that what comes out of his mouth has no relation to the actual facts of his topic. He does not lie all the time; he blends fact and fiction to change the reality that he’s discussing, be it the flotilla incident, history, Progressivism or the Administration.

Previously The Review has offered links to various web sites that have been documenting Beck’s deceit. The list is provided again below. The challenge to Beck’s supporters, those who come through here and insist in comments or tacitly that Beck tells the truth, is to go to these sites, read about his deviations from the truth, research the findings and if you can determine that any claim from one of Beck’s detractors – including those made by The Review – that Beck lied is false: come back here and report it in a comment.

If you think Beck is honest, prove it.

The following are four sites that have been documenting Beck’s false allegations and misstatement of the facts for years.  Beck wants his viewers to do research for him and often has them looking information up online. Now it’s time for Beck’s supporters to disprove the primary assertion, the primary criticism of Beck by The Review, namely that Beck is a liar and cannot be trusted. Go to these sites and prove that their allegations of Beck’s dishonesty are wrong.
If you do your work and double check these claims, you’ll find out just how absurd it is to listen to Glenn Beck state, as he did June 3rd on his Fox show, “I love the truth; the truth will set us free.”

Beck noted that the U.S. voted for the U.N. Security Council resolution to condemn Israel without elaboration. According to a story in USA Today:

The U.N. Security Council called early Tuesday for an “impartial” investigation of Israel’s deadly commando raid on ships taking humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and condemned the “acts” that resulted in the loss of at least nine lives.

After an emergency meeting and marathon negotiations that lasted nearly 12 hours, the 15 council members finally agreed on a presidential statement. It was weaker than what was initially demanded by the Palestinians, Arabs and Turkey because of objections by the United States, Israel’s closest ally. [Emphasis added.]

This is noteworthy because Beck tried to paint the Obama Administration as siding with the Arab nations surrounding Israel during his program. Why? Everyone knows that Beck so loves the truth...not.

So what? Beck’s a Liar. What else matters?

On his show of June 3rd, Beck declared, “I’m sick and tired of being the world’s policeman.” Glenn Beck, in this statement equates himself with the United States. Is that OK with  his loyal followers, the so-called Beckerheads?  Please comment below.

This idea that Beck is tired of the United States being the world’s policeman is new for Beck, a strong supporter of President Bush’s war against Iraq and the subsequent surge that took place after the 2006 elections when the American people voted for Democrates who campaigned against continuing with this war any more. That’s fine; Beck has every right to change his mind or philosophy about foreign policy from a neo-Conservative one to a Libertarian one. Someone changing their mind is an indication of being open minded.

Then further in the program, Beck, still talking about Israel’s attack on the flotilla, said: “Let’s make this about truth. Let’s make this about right and wrong. Do we stand for anything any more?” Given the frequent hypocrisy Beck suffers from and his obvious willingness to change his stand on being the world’s policeman, The Review has to ask:

Does Glenn Beck stand for anything anymore besides, of course, fame and making lots of money off his gullible supporters?

Get involved.


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