Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beck deception number 54,894,954,789

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On his Fox show of 7/12/2010, Glenn Beck made yet another false claim that simple research was able to reveal. This time the investigative research was done by News Hounds, a liberal watch dog of Fox "News."
Beck first stated, We have been covering ACORN forever.”  He pointed out that in January, 2009 the FBI  opened an investigation into ACORN. “Two months later?... they closed shop, dropped the investigation. It has been 477 days now. Despite new documents, the videos that you saw on Fox News, no new investigations into ACORN.
From the News Hounds report, "Earth To Glenn Beck: There Have Been Numerous Investigations Into ACORN And Each One Cleared The Organization Of Wrongdoing"  the following was pointed out by Ellen:

No new investigations? How about the one conducted by the GAO that just recently exonerated ACORN? Or how about the one conducted by the Congressional Research Service that found ACORN broke no laws in the past five years? Or what about the investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney which not only cleared ACORN by found that those videos Beck boasted about had been edited to meet the anti-ACORN agenda of the videographers? There was also the independent investigation by the former attorney general of Massachusetts that ACORN commissioned that while critical of the organization, found no legal wrongoing. California's attorney general conducted an investigation, too, and yep, you guessed it - no criminal acts were found.

None of these findings are of any interest to Beck or anyone else at Fox "News." They have seen the highly edited tapes: case closed. Beck whines about others in the media not investigating his allegations, but The Glenn Beck Review has discovered that Glenn Beck does not investigate his allegations. In this case, however, Beck was once again asserting something that most likely he was ignorant about. This is how Beck rolls even if his loyal following refuse to acknowledge this aspect of his method of communication.

The entire program continued with other false claims by Beck. The following come from the progressive Media Matters of America, a watch dog group of conservative media.

A 21st century Willie Horton: Glenn Beck turns up race baiting behind phony scandel

Fox's Glenn Beck program: an hour of race-baiting. During the July 12 edition of his Fox News program, Glenn Beck repeatedly added to his already long history of race-baiting:
  • Beck claimed "radical revolutionaries," and the New Black Panthers "have ties to the White House."
  • Beck claimed, "We seem to be experiencing a government that doesn't care about racism from [The New Black Panther Party]."
Beck: "They want a race war ... and our government is going to stand by and let them do it." On the July 12 edition of his radio program, while discussing the New Black Panther Party, Beck said: "They want a race war. We must be peaceful people. They are going to poke, and poke, and poke, and our government is going to stand by and let them do it." Beck added, "We must take the role of Martin Luther King, because I do not believe that Martin Luther King believed in, 'Kill all white babies.'"
Beck: NBPP are part of Obama's "army of thugs." On his July 9 radio program, Beck claimed that the New Black Panther Party is part of Obama's "army of thugs." Beck also claimedduring the show that Obama is sympathetic to the NBPP's hate speech.

As is often the case, Beck instructed his viewers to make sure to tune into his show tomorrow. In his never-ending quest to widen his audience, he instructed viewers to have neighbors, clergymen, friends and family to watch the show that is scheduled to begin in about four minutes. The excitement is palpable.

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