Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beck boss at Fox is a civil rights leader?

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On his show on Fox this week, Glenn Beck made the assertion that his boss at Fox "News," Roger Ailes is a civil rights leader. This explains why Fox has so many black anchors on their shows: all two of them!

According to, CNN hss six black anchors, MSNBC and Fox News (Ailes' responsibility as a "civil rights leader") both have only two black anchors.

In his interview with Alex Zaitchik, author of Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance, Keith Olbermann pointed out this week that Ailes had a conversation with Martin Luther King once and booked King for The Mike Douglas Show. That is what, in Beck's mind, makes Ailes a civil rights "leader."

Why would Glenn Beck make such a baseless claim about his boss at Fox? Who has not been tempted to brown nose their boss in order to gain favor about something? Beck alluded this week that he doesn't have a contract in place at Fox "News."

Beck was right about one thing is this clip: "We're going in a horrible direction. And the reason we're going in this direction is because the content of character doesn't matter." Beck lies, misinforms, makes false claims, distorts the meaning of quotations taken out of context and exhibits hypocrisy. He has said that if he makes false accusations that he should be fired, but the content of his character doesn't seem to matter at Fox.

Or does it? No contract, a massive boycott arrayed against Glenn Beck, Beck's own assertion that he should be fired: it's possible that Beck feels the need to pass along undeserving kudos to Roger Ailes because Beck's show at Fox is at risk of cancellation. Or Glenn Beck is just an unprincipled blow hard. What do you think?
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1 comment:

Lisa Houserman said...

This could very well be! I was wondering why he was saying this goofy crap. I never knew Mr. Ailes (spelling?) was such an asset to the community at large!! Good gravy.