Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beck announces Beck University

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For students of yellow propaganda?

From Glenn Beck's website is the announcement that he has started a  "new academic program"  available online only to paid subscribers to his Insider Extreme. The motto (in Latin on symbol above)  for this online school is "Revolution Against Tyrants; Submission to God."

The professors will be David Barton, president and founder of Wall Builders, Dave Buckner, President of Bottom Line Training and Consulting, and James Stoner, Jr., Professor of Political Science at Louisiana State University and author of Common-Law Liberty: Rethinking American Constitutionalism and Common Law and Liberal Theory: Coke, Hobbes, and the Origins of American Constitutionalism.


The Glenn Beck Review has previously exposed Barton and his Wall Builders organization. It is ironically dedicated to tearing down the wall of separation between church and state. This is one of Beck's goals too. Barton has a B.A. in religious education from Oral Roberts University and has no formal training in history. More on him in the video below.

Image of David L. Buckner

Mr. Buckner, a Mormon,  "received his Juris Doctorate Degree from J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, holds an MBA from Durham University, England, and an MA in International Relations from the Kennedy Center for International Studies at BYU" according to Beck's website. 

Wikipedia Encyclopedia

James R. Stoner, graduated from Middlebury College, where he studied under Murray Dry, who helped compile The Complete Anti-Federalist, and obtained his MA and Phd from Harvard University where he studied under Professor Mansfield. (Mansfield is the author of Manliness, a staunch conservative understanding of gender rolls; and once said  that it is "probably true" that women "innately have less capacity than men at the highest level of science...It's common sense if you just look at who the top scientists are.") Stoner is also the author of an article printed in Theology Today entitled "The 'Naked' University: What if Theology is Knowledge, Not Belief."

Beck's site explains that "[t]hrough captivating lectures and interactive online discussions, these experts will explore the concepts of Faith, Hope and Charity and show you how they influence America's past, her present and most importantly her future.

Educator or propagandist?

There are no doubt many Tea Party activists and 9-12ers who will enroll in Beck's "university." Will they learn that faith, hope and charity are the three legs that hold up the Constitution as Beck believes? As wrong as Beck is about virtually everything he addresses on his Fox show, one can be virtually sure that the last thing available during the "interactive online discussions" is an objective, scientific presentation or skepticism of the subject matter.

On July 2nd, Olbermann discussed the "university" with his guest, Will Bunch, a senior fellow at Media Matters. Bunch considered what he thought Beck's motives are:
“There’s this quest I think for something to underlie this ‘I want my country back’ sense. They want to find some kind of intellectual underpinning to this, or some kind of historical underpinning, even if it means rewriting history. And I think Beck’s really tapping into that here, and he’s giving them something they want and they are giving him what he wants, which is cash.
It's the same idea that is shared from Beck's critic, Alexander Zaitchik, author of the recently released Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance. Beck is motivated by his endless pursuit of wealth and fame.

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Lisa Houserman said...

I'm so glad that people are standing up against this David Barton creature. He is totally dangerous, in my opinion, and as the gentleman from Americans United for Separation of Church and State said, he is to history what the creationists are to science. I see a real danger here with this revisionist history being presented as something that was hidden from the public, as Beck is know to say. I just hope that people do some research, like I did, and find out that this is all nonsense generated to bring "God" back into the public square, so to speak. Keep up the good work on this blog.

Kevin said...

It is sad that so many people will be duped out of their money but I can't wait when their Beck indoctrination bites them in the butt with them getting denied a job despite their new "education." This school lacks accreditation and is basically meaningless.

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