Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Glenn Beck is routinely telling his viewers to spread the word and invite their neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. to watch his show. He is an natural-born, marketing wizard. It is the belief of The Glenn Beck Review that his current and prospective viewers need to find out more about him, about his dishonestyhis documented hypocrisy, his effective propaganda and how he manipulates his viewers. It is the belief of this blogger that virtually nobody wants to be lied to and that virtually nobody will respect a certified hypocrite. Glenn Beck’s credibility needs to be called into question. So...
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Please copy this URL,, and paste it into e-mails.  Make the subject line “Share This URL” and ask people to visit this blog and pass along the URL along to their neighbors, friends and anyone else on e-mail lists who are not colleagues from work. Work and politics do not  mix.

People pass along of helpful information all of the time as a public service for matters like text messaging while driving, nasty computer viruses to avoid, etc.  This is just public service needed to get Beck’s prospective supporters i.e., your parents, your friends, your children, etc., exposed to The Glenn Beck Review before they become one of Beck's psychotic soldiers. If you would, drop this URL on blogs, websites, Beck's website, on your Facebook page and in Twitter. The Glenn Beck Review is on Facebook, an instrument for change. "Like" it and occasionarlly post links to this site on your news feed. This Internet is a wild and amazing instrument for communication. Help warn our fellow Americans about Beck's dishonesty and manipulative method of communication. There is a struggle for information between the misinformation of the right-wing echo chamber and the news media that the echo chamber (including Mr. Beck) denounces.

Your country needs you. 
Thank your for your help.

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Anonymous said...

Hey.. the link up there, when you click on it your taken to a page that says it's no longer available due to violation of terms... you might need to check it cause I'm on board. I really dig your article on what the word "truth" means... bravo... yeah get that link up and running so I can help spread your word!

The Glenn Beck Review said...


Thanks, I see that; but it makes no sense. The URL is the URL for this blog.

I'll try to fix it.