Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glenn Beck's Boss: A faction unto himself

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Rupert Murdoch has one over-riding interest: Greed!
No more free ride
Glenn Beck frequently brings up George Soros (links to a Review post about him) as a bad guy that funds progressive organizations like Media Matters, a right-wing media watchdog group. Beck needs to take a long hard look at his own boss, Rupert Murdoch, a supporter of a party vigorously by Beck and owner of a media empire.
The Review has been aware for years that Murdoch's News Corp. is a huge media empire. There's nothing inherently wrong with this; that's his right as a free individual. Another story covered by blogger Lance Turner is linked off Murdoch's Time picture above about his charging for online content. His income is at the level of wealth that Fox "News" is constantly working to protect from increased taxation. That someone is so committed to protecting his fortune to create the media narrative used to gain public support for the amassing of great wealth for the very few goes beyond the pale of normal greed. The strategy is unscrupulous and ingenious.
It's ingenious for the obvious reasons. Some foreigner, Murdoch is Australian, makes it well in the news business and realizes that America is the world hegemon that controls the world economy by the force of military, financial and technological superiority. The right wing narrative created in the media organizations of his empire address the concerns of a largely conservative population using the commentary of fear mongers (not just Glenn Beck) and liars to move the opinion of Murdoch's consumers away from the reasoning of fairness ("social justice") and balance between left and right. It's brilliant!
Murdoch is evil for a completely different reason. Forget the many examples of his outlets reporting what people want to hear or see rather than the actual facts of the story. One example that made it on the broadcast news recently is the NY Post's headline: "USA WINS, 1-1." There's no doubt that tomorrows headline will not read: "USA LOSES, 2-2."
Rupert Murdoch Supports Whom?
The Review's searches of Glenn Beck on various blogs and publications led to a rather shocking revelation about Rupert Murdoch, the master of the right-wing media. According to John Richardson in his Esquire article entitled "The Communist Connection Glenn Beck Doesn't Want to Talk About," Murdoch has extensive connections with powerful Communists and supports their policies.
Extended excerpts from this article are reprinted here with permission of the author.
A few days ago, Beck posted a picture on his Web site of the Empire State Building in the colors of the Chinese flag. Apparently this was a courtesy gesture from New York City in recognition of our largest bondholder and second-largest trading partner's birthday. Beck's headline: Communist State Building?
This got me thinking, even though I prefer not to think about Glenn Beck: His administration suspects are actually a pretty tame bunch. (Cass Sunstein is a vaguely libertarian professor at Harvard and author of at least thirteen books. John Holdren is a distinguished professor at Harvard's Kennedy School, the director of the Woods Hole Research Center, and former president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Carol Browner is a former Senate staffer and senior state government official. Mark Lloyd is a professor at Georgetown University's public policy school and a former lecturer at MIT.) Not exactly bomb-throwing revolutionaries.[Emphasis added]
However, there is still one powerful American who has extensive connections with communists — not just some communists, but some of the most powerful communists in the world. According to an extensive report in the New York Times, this man has "flattered Communist Party leaders and done business with their children," met repeatedly with senior members of the communist Politburo, "cooperates closely" with communist censors and propaganda networks, and "cultivates political ties" with communists in the hope that they will "insulate his business ventures." Not only that, but he "often supports the policies" of communist leaders and "attacks their critics."
It gets worse. This powerful American has control of a large number of media holdings, and he attempted to curry favor with said communists by ordering one of his book publishing units to release a volume of communist propaganda glorifying Deng Xiaoping, the heir to Chairman Mao.
Another time, he killed a book deal with the last British governor of Hong Kong because of rumors that it would be critical of his communist business partners. When the story broke, the businessman denied it. Then Business Weekuncovered internal memos that spoke of "corporate worries" that the book would threaten his business interests in China.
And it gets worse still. This powerful American businessman also owns a Chinese television network called Star TV. Once it carried news programming from the BBC. But after the famous incident when communists attacked unarmed civilians in Tiananmen Square, Star TV's BBC affiliate repeatedly showed the spectacular video clip of a man facing down a tank alone. The communists complained. And the powerful American businessman — who makes a great deal of noise on these shores about being a champion of freedom and free speech and the free market — asked the BBC to stop showing it so often. But the BBC kept airing the clip and the communists kept complaining and finally the businessman ordered his Chinese network to drop the BBC news channel altogether. He insisted this was a business decision and that politics had absolutely nothing to do with it, of course — and, also, the BBC reporters really wanted to spend more time with their families. But subsequently, the supreme leader of the communists praised him for his "objective" approach to Chinese political news.
As I said, this American businessman is a vocal champion of freedom in this country. He owns the Weekly Standard, which supports Bill Kristol and many other influential neoconservatives who are passionately committed to spreading democracy to all oil-producing countries. He put all of his media power behind the Iraq War. He cheered George W. Bush as "a man of great character and deep humility." And he's famously touchy about any criticism of his politics — when The Simpsons ran a parody of Fox News that included headlines like "Do Democrats Cause Cancer?" he threatened to sue the creators of the most successful show in the history of his network.
But his friendly relations with overseas communists have proved lucrative. After killing Star TV's BBC affiliate in order to ingratiate himself with China's communist propaganda ministers, he established a contract to help design a Web site for CCTV, the giant official Chinese TV network that Time magazine called "the key propaganda arm of the Communist Party." He also helped launch the Web site of the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, The People's Daily. He helped the communists develop a television encryption system, which will doubtless prove useful in suppressing dissent in the future. His Chinese version of MySpace obeys all communist censorship laws, even including a built-in link for reporting "inappropriate information" to the authorities. And to smooth the skids on his new ventures, he signed employment contracts with the son of the national propaganda chief and the leadership committee of the Communist Youth League.
Oh, and he also does business with the communist nation of Cuba, which harbors one of the many tax havens where he has hidden cash to avoid American tax laws.
This powerful American friend of communists is, of course, Rupert Murdoch — the man who signs Glenn Beck's paychecks. Don't hold your breath waiting for a Beck exposé.
So how is Murdoch a faction unto himself?
The faction that is this hypocritical and unscrupulous "capitalist" extends well beyond his media empire. The viewer audience of Fox News are fed a narrative that had Bush's curbing of American liberties virtually ignored. Now it feeds the storyline that President Obama and all members Democrat are royally screwing up most everything including theWar on Terror that this President is waging in ways that largely go against much of what Senator and candidate Obama said before taking office. President Obama is criticized on Fox for continuing or even escalating the Bush strategies! (More on this in future posts."
Fox is to news as professional wrestling is to high school wrestling. The steady stream of lies and misinformation is amply demonstrated by the media watch dogs, Media Matters and News Hounds (links available on the blogroll).
Beck frequently points out that Media Matters was established by George Soros, but that is not the case with News Hounds, with Conservatives Against Glenn Beck, with Crooks and Liars, with PolitiFacts (all listed on the blogroll as well) or with The Glenn Beck Review.
The obvious hypocrisy here is Beck's willful willingness to not examine the supporter of Communists who he actually can't criticize even if he suddenly found a hint of media neutrality in his conscience. (Maybe God really does need to speak with Beck.)
The faction of Fox News and the rest of his media empire is one driving a large segment of this country away fromrelatively unbiased and balanced news like CNN. CNN is making moves in this direction to their credit; they have room for improvement. To conservatives who believe that Fox is the answer to the liberal bias in mainstream media, The Review must point out that opposite bias is not the moral response to bias; studied lack of bias is the answer to liberal or any other bias!
The deep suspicion in all of this is reinforced by the fact that Murdoch is not even from the United States! The Murdoch faction in America is suspect at best for its conservative and reactionary (Glenn Beck) bias, it's misleading or unfounded statements by staff and guests alike on Fox News and especially for it's willingness to let a liar, hypocrite and utter fraud like Glenn Beck poison the political landscape and for its leader, Rupert Murdoch.
Beck likes to ask where the progressives and the Administration are taking the United States. The Glenn Beck Review asks how we as a nation are going to solve our problems when the factions of status quo (conservatives) and of turning back to some nostalgic past (Beck) are so purposefully misinforming with bias, deceit and imbalanced discussion?
Luckily, those factions together make up only about 40% of the American population. If the opposition factions of liberals (reformers) and progressives of all strips can reclaim the high ground this year, and more importantly ally themselves with the massive middle of Americans who want our nation's problems solved with innovative ideas in November, the Murdoch faction will remain in it's rightful place: on the sidelines complaining.
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Anonymous said...

why we don't agree at least in one thing look let's discuss, just one fact, ok, I'm from Peru so I really know who Hugo Chavez really is, you are defending Mark Lloyd, but the fact is that in a video he was praising the Hugo chavez revolution in Venezuela, like something wonderful, excuse me!!, its so difficult for you to just look at the facts, that's what Beck does He just present this facts, but you cant refute this facts so you attack Beck, how cowards you guys are the problem with you is that you have the same leftist view of the world like Chavez, in my case I don't expect the government or the rich to provide me with anything, I can do that for myself, when are you going to understand that most of the poor people are in that situation because they made bad choices in life, you want me to feel bad for the poor, why we don't discuss why they are in that situation, As a kid I was really poor, then I decided to change my life, and you know what, nor the government neither the rich had anything to do with that. sandcv2000@hotmail.com

The Glenn Beck Review said...

First, I'm not defending Mark Lloyd; John Richardson is.

Beck's "facts" that he presents are often video taken out of context. Sometimes he completely manipulates video like Breitbart did.

Next, I don't have Chavez leftist views; far from it. You're really having trouble with reading comprehension here.

Systemic crisis often puts people in need of help. When jobs are as hard to come by as they are, no amount of searching will get some people work.

I'm glad you're financially able to help yourself, but for you to think everyone can be just like you is naive at best and really down right ignorant about the human condition.

Anonymous said...

Well so we don't have anything else to discuss any more, you really think that without the government, people would be dying on the streets. How I said I'm from Peru, I didn't speak the language 10 years ago ( I know now I still make a lot of mistakes) and now I'm a citizen I have my own business and I have a beautiful house, in Peru I never went to colleage and I studied in a really bad school, and I was really poor, so could you please tell me how come if I wasn't born here and I didn't speak the language, I never needed from the government but people with more skills being born here are always asking for assistance?? . I know I'm not the poster child for a politician follower, I'm sorry but I am not a victim, and I will never be a victim, I never felt discriminated as an Hispanic by the way. You just think that for some people would be impossible to get what I've gotten in life, you don't have faith in people,but that's the job of a politician, to create victims make them think government is the only one that can change their lives, it doesn't matter, Glenn Beck, it doesn't matter you or me, at the end if we keep feeding this kind of system in the long run we will not have nothing left to fight for. sandcv2000@hotmail.com

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Without government, life would be "nasty, brutish and short" yes.

I'm glad you're doing well; you are to be commended for you success. I take my hat off to you.

You might want to Google "run on sentence" and learn to use our language with more proficiency. How you write makes your ideas hard to grasp.

I think you're supported Glenn Beck's fear mongering, but "this kind of system" is one that solves problems the country faces and protects people who would far between the vast cracks of a private, charity-bases system Beck supports.

For some people it is impossible to have what you have, to do what you've done. People are not equal in intelligence, determination or drive.

Oh, if you want to feel discriminated against as a Hispanic, then trot on over to AZ if the injunction against "papers please" is overruled.
You'll eat your words after one traffic stop...unless you have your papers with you.

Anonymous said...

You are a classic progressive condescending jerk. You mock this guy for using improper grammar, but can't refute the substance of his comment. I hope you grasp the irony of your next sentence:
I think you're supported Glenn Beck's fear mongering, but "this kind of system" is one that solves problems the country faces and protects people who would far between the vast cracks of a private, charity-bases system Beck supports.
Perhaps you could Google "gibberish".

The Glenn Beck Review said...

If by "gibberish" you refer to my typo, yes. I meant "fall between the cracks." My bad.

I have refuted the substance of his arguments, but not on every post.

It's interesting that you comment on this post, but you completely ignore that Beck's boss supports Chines Communists.

Perhaps you should google "Selective perception." Oh, sorry, that's being condescending. Let me rephrase this: doesn't it bother you that Rupert Murdoch supports Communism in China, but George Soros, a man Beck calls "evil" spend a lot of his money OPPOSING Communism is Easter Europe during the Cold War?

I have supported Beck's fear-mongering, his deceit, his hypocrisy and his utter lack of qualification for having a TV show about current events or history. Beck is a charlatan. This comes from someone educated in the areas of philosophy and political theory both domestic and international.

I'm a "condescending jerk" because you realize that I'm on to something. Just today I read an LS Times story of a National Review columnist bemoaning the likes of Beck, so don't give me your "classic progressive" claim. You have Beck's sorry excuse for "knowing" confused with knowledge. Over three quarters of the political mandala is turning on Beck; you defend him because you too are a reactionary.

Brad said...

Your silly NYT article full of "according to nobody", and constant pandering to "social justice" speaks largely about YOUR agenda, theirs as well.

I am not here to defend Beck or place him on a pedestal. What sir would you have to say about Beck stating his disdain for the Bush administration while he worked for CNN? Before anybody heard anything about him?

Murdoch is indeed being a capitalist. While you state it in quotes with certain bile in your throat, I see no problem with trying anything possible to promote a differing opinion from the LSM. It might even exact some change in the long run.

The difference here is that we as a country are moving far faster to Socialism and Communism than China is moving in the opposite direction. As China moves more towards a capitalist society, the people will demand freedom. There is no choice in this matter. You like to quote that "it's part of the human condition". You are correct in that.

Quotes from the NYT article:
According to a former official/s
According to insiders
According to whoever I can make up to support my article

Ok I made that last one up but who does the article quote by name and evidence other than anecdotally?

Proud American

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Brad, you might try reading more carefully next time. It's not "my silly anything." This was used with permission of John Richardson. If you listened to anyone besides Glenn Beck for misinformation, you'd understand that there are conservative ideas of social justice, not just progressive theories.

Murdoch is indeed a capitalist, one who works with and supports the Chinese Communists. LSM is Murdoch's lame excuse for journalism, i.e., NY Post, Wall St. Journal, Fox "News," etc. There are exceptions on his media faction of one, but for the most part his empire within the United States is against the Democratic Party and the facts.

If you think that we are moving to socialist, then you don't know what you're writing about. Brad, take some time and read The Regressive Antidote. Then you will understand just how much the right is in control in this country and has been for the last 30 years. You idea that we're moving toward Communism is laughable and the result of you consuming the lame stream media that is Rupurt Murdoch's faction of one.

cpb said...

I watch and listen to Glenn Beck for the education value. He uses history to illustrate his points and encourages listeners to do their own fact-checking and research. He does tend to be a little "fear-mongering" at times but I also realize that he is (and he admits this) an entertainer first, journalist second. He is also a capitalist and makes money doing what he does. I still see value in the way he can wake up America to the insideous socialist, progressive direction Washington is taking us. And that is BOTH parties doing this, not just Democrats. It is not Glenn's "job" to investigate Murdoch any more than it is his job to investigate you. He picked on Soros because of his evil intent. I think Murdoch is just a greedy capitalist - there's a lot of that going around these days but at least they are just protecting themselves not destroying America in the process.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Cheryl, read books. Beck is to history as oil was to the Gulf, a toxic mess.

To wit: there is no "insidious socialist, progressive direction [in] Washington." That's why the progressives are howling at Obama from the left. By watching Beck, you're being systematically misinformed by an extremely clever and masterful propagandist.

Soros has no evil intent. YOu appear to know nothing about Soros other than what Beck says. Again, you're being purposely misinformed by a masterful, deceitful propagandist.

Murdoch is not just another greedy capitalist. Capitalists with principles don't support Communist policies. (Did you even read what Richardson wrote?)