Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glenn Beck on Barney Frank...

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...misrepresenting liberals again.
Barney Frank

On his radio show today, 6/24, Beck and crew had the following exchange:

Beck: We have Barney  Frank, Barney  Frank saying that there's just no such thing as too much regulation. I'm sorry. King George, is that you? That's fantastic. There's no such thing as too much regulation. 

Barney Frank: I think that the general fear that the ranking member and others think that we're going to over regulate on behalf of consumers is a fantasy unrelated to any experience. The Federal Government has never done that. 
Beck: Stop, stop, stop! That the government could over regulate is ‑‑ what did he say? 
Pat: A fantasy beyond any human experience. 

Beck: Mao, Stalin, Hitler. I mean, I can't believe this. If you want to talk about a fantasy beyond any human experience, it's Barney  Frank. I mean, this guy is incredible to me....

Talk about a fantasy beyond any human experience...

On the cover story of the The Weekly Standard, author Matthew Continetti writes the following:

Beck’s book Arguing with Idiots contains a list of the “Top Ten Bastards of All Time,” on which Pol Pot (No. 10), Adolf Hitler (No. 6), and Pontius Pilate (No. 4) all rank lower than FDR (No. 3) and Woodrow Wilson (No. 1). In Glenn Beck’s Common Sense Beck writes, “With a few notable exceptions, our political leaders have become nothing more than parasites who feed off our sweat and blood.”
This is nonsense. Whatever you think of Theodore Roosevelt, he was not Lenin. Woodrow Wilson was not Stalin.
The philosophical foundations of progressivism may be wrong. The policies that progressivism generates may be counterproductive. Its view of the Constitution may betray the Founders’. Nevertheless, progressivism is a distinctly American tradition that partly came into being as a way to prevent ideologies like communism and fascism from taking root in the United States. And not even the stupidest American liberal shares the morality of the totalitarian monsters whom Beck analogizes to American politics so flippantly." [Emphasis added]
Continetti is one of the growing number of conservative Americans calling Beck out. Beck spouts nonsense; it seems that only emotionally involved Beckerheads have a hard time understanding this.
Update, 1/12/11: Now conservatives William KristolRick Lowry, Peter Wehner and John Fund are also speaking out against Glenn Beck's reactionary rhetoric.
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