Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Bubak said...

I lived 28 years in “socialist” country (Czechoslovakia) and communists published
In daily newspaper the same garbage (like here) about the Americans. Smear…

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Bubak; your comment doesn't make any sense. There's garbage in our daily papers about Americans? What smear? You think that The Glenn Beck Review is smearing Beck? If you ever come back, please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Not impressed at all, thank God for free speech

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Anonymous, you've picked a strange place to make your comment. What is there to be "impressed" about on a disclaimer page?

BTW, it was the framers who gave us free speech unless, of course, you believe the hogwash that David Barton puts out.

Anonymous said...

Bubak, you can say whatever you want. You are an American now! Having lived thru the socialist nightmare of the Eastern Bloc countries you, more than the rest of these fools, know what you are talking about. This is a SMEAR site.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Anonymous; how am I "smearing" Beck? You're using an ad hominem argument instead of addressing any of my fact-checking. Disprove any of my points if you think I'm "smearing" Beck as a liar, hypocrite and a charlatan.

Anonymous said...

Great site!!!

Thanx for all your work... With all the blatant lies coming from der Beckster and the rest of the Corporate Whore Republicans... we'll need it in November.

Was it Stephen Colbert that said that "Facts have an obvious Liberal Bias"?


Thanx for the facts!

William W. Wexler said...

Bubak is confused. Communism and socialism are not the same thing. Of course, growing up in a repressed society it's easy to understand why they would make such a mistake. Probably had a second rate education system.

Bubak is also confused about what a "smear" is and who is smearing whom. When Beck called Obama a racist, that's a smear. When Beck said that "Van Jones went to prison... for several months, I think", that was a smear (and a lie). When Glenn calls people Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Maoists, and so on, based on one comment they made taken out of context or so old that it was originally written on a cave wall, that's a smear.

That's what Beck does second best. What he does best is lie. Lies like a rug, lies like a dog, he's got lies like Carter has Little Liver Pills. If you care to discuss that, I'd be happy for you to debunk anything on this site or my own and then we'll take it up.

Meanwhile, it seems like you're doing the exact same thing that Beck does. You're claiming that this site is equivalent to communist media in Czechoslovakia. You're just a cheap attempt at a smear campaign yourself.



Anonymous said...

I had fun reading through your documentation. However i ended up having more fun reading through the comments. Seems like glen's leg humping fan base aren't very happy with your site. Anyways, keep up the great work and I have a feeling you wont run out of things to document any time soon.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Zack, you're right. Beck could stop saying anything new today, and I would still have months worth of material to address. If I had the rest of this year off from work, I might be able to finish a four part post I've been working on entitled "Smashing Overton's Window."

Dave McCarthy said...

the "smear" accusation is something that drives me crazy. O'Reilly is a perfect example. How can you smear someone with the TRUTH?

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Dave, I think the problem is that people don't know the truth. There are different versions of the truth, and in Beck's case, he repeats a lie over and over until it becomes "true" for many of his flock.

genetsutsik said...

Dear The Glenn Beck Review, i'm not a huge fan of Glenn Beck, but do watch his show once in a while. I caught some distortions, but not "months worth of material" as you claim in one of your previous posts (does it mean when he says "Hello America", he is lying?!). You have to admit that some of what he says is true.
I wouldn't call your blog a "smear" site, but when you focus on one tv personality and refer to name-calling (liar, charlatan, etc.), it does turn out to be just like a "smear" site.
Original Bubak's comment didn't belong to this discussion, but it did make sense (sort of). I believe what he meant is that Czech socialists used similar tactic in the media to preserve socialist way and to portray others, in Bubak's case Americans, who didn't share the same views as liars, demagogues, charlatans, hypocrites, etc. They showed Americans as fat ugly white men and called them "bourgeois". Even though the word is fine, but it had a bad connotation in Eastern Europe. Please note, that i do not call you a socialist or have facts or state that you support socialism. I'm just trying to defend Bubak's comment.
In response to Wexler's comment, anyone who comes out of Soviet bloc has no problem distinguishing between socialism and communism. Raised in Soviet Union and having read most of 50+ volumes of Lenin's work and Marx's "Capital" (boring as hell, but mandatory in soviet schools), i can tell you that true communism has never been achieved. North Korea is close, but it is still socialist, so as Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, and others. It can only be implemented on the piece of paper, but not in real life. Bubak was right.
One last thing, why would you "smash" Overton's Window? It's a work of fiction, nothing else. You're not going to "smash" Dan Brown or John Grisham now, are you? Please, be serious.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Smashing Overton's window refers to the political theory, not the novel.

You're right, Beck does not lie all the time, but he deceives enough to present a false narrative which is demonstrated here time and again.

Saying "hello America" is deceptive in that "America" isn't watching his show, just the gullible and ignorant section of America and those of us keeping an eye on his lies, fear-mongering, hate-mongering, vitriol, race-baiting, idiotic conspiracies and his many hypocrisies.

He would be more honest and less manipulative if he's start off with "hello deluded Americans" or "hello manipulated minions."

genetsutsik said...

Thank You for your response. I'd like to thank you for explaining that Smashing Overton's Window isn't a response to his work of fiction.
As far as the rest of your comment goes, i do not know what i personally did to you or maybe i was disrespectful in my previous comment, but in your 4 sentence response, since i do watch his show, you either intentionally or unintentionally called me Gullible, Ignorant, Deluded, and Manipulated minion.
Well, you do not know me or what i do, but i can tell you that i'm neither gullible, ignorant, nor deluded, and i definitely am not anybody's minion.
But Thank You for your reply anyway.
P.S.: Good Luck with your book.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

genetsutsik, I was not necessarily writing about you unless you actually DO believe ANYTHING Beck says without doing some fact checking first.

Spend more time reading pieces on this e-pamphlet, and you'll learn that Beck is a propagandist purposely misinforming his viewers with false narratives.

BTW, when I refer to Beck as a liar and a charlatan, I'm not "name-calling." I'm stating proven facts.

A guest blogger recently name called Beck when he called him an "asshole," but Beck pretty much deserved that as well.