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The Glenn Beck Review is not just for the left.  The primary purpose of this blog, this e-pamphlet, is to give people seeking information about Glenn Beck a reference base. Another purpose of The Glenn Beck Review is to have Beck’s supporters read the articles here and challenge the findings of The Review. Beck’s supporters are accused of accepting what Glenn Beck states without doubt, skepticism or fact checkingThe Review challenges anyone who believes, respects and/or admires Beck to read from any of the posts listed below and challenge the findings based upon counter facts or values. Just don’t do what Beck does to his foes, i.e., name call. It’s disrespectful and useless.

It has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Glenn Beck lies

Beck accuses bloggers of not checking into his claims and accusations,“they just name call. The Review uses independent research and four primary sources to make the assertions made here, namely that Beck is dishonest, a hypocrite and a fraud: News Hounds, Media Matters, PolitiFact and AlterNet. (See blogroll to the right.) The Review has yet to find any baseless name calling among those three sites and challenges his supporters to do so.

Enjoy or express outrage at Beck or The Review, but take the time to read what this man is about first.

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Table of Contents Arranged by Category:
The following are arranged logically to read like a short book or pamphlet. For a better understanding of Beck read the following in the order listed. Note that there is no conclusion. That is for the reader (you) to draw for yourself.

Basic analysis:
Beck's Method of Communication:
Beck's Hypocrisy:
Charlatan Beck:
Beck's Followers:
Beck's Enemies:
Yellow Propaganda:
Context Matters (Fox News)
The 2012 Campaign for President:
President Obama:
Restoring Honor Rally:
Restoring Courage Rally:
Beck University:


Anonymous said...

I'm delighted that this is back up and running again. I have been really looking in to Beck myself and just finished a great book about him called Common Nonsense. In your old location you had put in your profile that you were a Lincoln conservative. Would you be able to add that to your current profile so my one very, very Republican friend might just believe your blog when I email it to him? He refuses to look at any proof of Beck's lying that I send him from any "liberal" site! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to this cause. Hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa H.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

The full profile is still up at I'm a Lincolnian Republican. There are Reaganites that think Beck is destructive. See my article in the Syracuse Examiner:

The Glenn Beck Review said...

An updated "About the blogger" is now a page shown to right.

Anonymous said...

JSYK, the link on the main page is broken. At the bottom of the page:

'Get Involved for 10 Minutes
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Thank you'

It links to, which is a suspended account.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of this POS blog?
It appears you have way to much time on your

The Glenn Beck Review said...

The purpose, you knucklehead, is to take Beck's claims seriously and then debunk the number of his many lies that I have the time to pursue.

I set out to show that he's a liar. What I've come to understand is that he's a hypocrite and a charlatan as well. You don't like hearing this because you're one caught up in the web of his parallel universe as Milbank calls it.

Anonymous said...

This blog is the dumbest piece of crap I have ever tried to read.
Glenn Beck has millions of readers and listeners. You have about 20.
And that my friend is called pissing in the wind.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

This blog is "dumb" because it's not as popular as Mr. Beck.

The Glenn Beck Review is up to about 10,000 hits/month. Still small change compared to Beck's following, but he has a 10 year head start on me.

You probably don't watch any news channel either, I'm guessing, because you prefer epistemic closure. See:

Susan Donroe said...

Have you actually watched his show? Did someone make up the clips about Islam and killing Israel? C'mon, someone's own words and videotape can't lie. Jeez, I feel stupid for even coming here.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Susan, if you would read more that one or two posts, you'd know that I watch his show a lot.

I don't know what clips your referring to because you're on the contents page. You should feel stupid, but not for coming here. Try commenting on the relevant posts!

Beck edits and splices video tape to make people say things or appear to say things that they are not actually saying, so your comment doesn't mean much. When you've been manipulated by a master like Beck, you're not going to grasp that he doesn't know what he's talking about very often or that he buries you in bullcrap quite often.

Mirvana said...

I can't understand why GB appeals to so many people. It's like his fans are brainwashed. They don't question anything he says and accept it all as true, when it's obvious to me that he cherry-picks facts, presents them out of context or in some other manipulative way, and also just presents downright misinformation and lies. He dares his audience to go ahead and "look it up," and so I have, and I've found his show to be largely composed of BS. He has twisted history around; twisted the words of our founding fathers. He is one of the greatest con men, ever. I am glad that some people are unwilling to accept him, and even stand up to him and his supporters. Thank you.